Monday, 1 December 2014

Glove Weather

Misty-air-breathing-dragons; a chilly white feel; a cheeky trickster blue sky.

It's officially glove weather time.

It may have been glove weather for longer than I have realised (I think probably for a few weeks seen as my hands are more than grateful when I slip on my warm hand protectors), but the day has come for me to become best friends for a good few months with my gloves. My lovely, friendly, warming gloves. They smile at me, and I smile at them. I let them be happy in doing their job and I adore the hugs they give back to me.

And what comes with glove weather? The promise of giggles and smiles, memories and *whispers excitedly* Christmas.

Glove weather is knowing looks and a belly full of the excitement of making wintery plans and snuggling to the warmth as if it brings in money. It's the excitement of present-buying and too-many-hot-chocolate-evenings and movies with a quilt.

Glove weather, and coincidentally, December brings me a lot of excitement:

* My Christmas jumper
* My Christmas hat
* Boxes of chocolate
* Present-buying
* Christmas music
* Blogmas

Today marks the start of Blogmas and my fingers are typing to the melody of Michael Bublé's Christmas album, of course! It also marks the start of me mentioning Christmas a LOT on my blog (festive hi-5s all around please!)! Christmas is one of my favourite things, and I love not being alone in this. It means a sense of unity and excitement and a buzz that is unique and magical. I am so excited!

Christmas Albums & Singsongs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. This is part of the Blogmas challenge that I am taking on!

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