Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Real Life Book Character

I remember the first time I spoke to this one person. We spoke with no agenda; no hidden meaning. An sincere, uneventful conversation. But it was eventful. Much like the second time we spoke. This person was never someone I forgot; but we weren't introduced properly yet. We all have magic running through our veins, I think. This person's magic stuck with me. I didn't particularly notice it. Yet I did, too. At the time of these two conversations it struck me what a humble person they are.

They deserve a story written about them. A protagonist in waiting.

Months passed and we had our third conversation.

Before I go on, I want rid of any opinions of what kind of relationship this person and I had or have had or have at any point. It was and is simply, a sincere one. One I appreciate. It's the kind of relationship that makes me want a story written about them. I won't plead to be in it, I merely beg that they are the awesome character I witness every day on every single page.

Undramatic. Modest. Kind.

They portrayed this in one welcoming smile. They continued this in every utterance they have communicated to me since.

This relationship; this thing. This appreciation of this person's being and aroma is one that makes me know they would make a book character that everyone would cling onto. Everyone would adore them. Everyone would cherish each word they said, and each action they would perform would leave readers in a wonderstrucked daze.

There would be one tragedy in their novel, if it were to be written right now. Only one. They are a person who doesn't complain; doesn't feel the need to complain; so what I am about to explain is unnoticed by them. They are a person who is thought of highly by everyone they meet. Yet, without knowing it, they do not realise the adoration many feel for them. The tragedy is this: they are an unnamed treasure.

I want them to have all of their favourite stories wrapped up in one. I hope they write the most awesome, number-one-selling story.

I'd do anything to show them this post; make them know for sure what an incredible and thoughtful, lovely and endearing person they are. I just wanted to write a little bit of their story. Yet, I will always let them know, when necessary but most importantly, when it is not necessary, what an inspiring person my best friend is.

I like to think I make everyone I adore know in a number of ways that I do adore them and everything they stand for, and here is just a little post to encapsulate a kind word's importance. I was wondering if a few bloggers (and anyone else, naturally!) would like to write a post about someone they think is a real life book character, for their blogs are ones I adore! (You are welcome not to, of course! There are no rules!) I would love to hear about a real life book character Simona, Amanda, Noelle, Shirley and Isabell know!

It must not be forgotten, though, that we are all real life book characters. Other people would love to write our stories, but we can also appreciate what a wonderful story others could make. I'm part of other people's stories and their part of mine. There are people I adore watching write their own, and here's to writing mine!

Modesty & Humbleness,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging every day up until Christmas for Blogmas! You are welcome to check out yesterday's post HERE!


  1. Hey, you are totally right about having people in your life that are like that. I can think of a few people off the top of my head that I would love to know more about. I might actually write a post about that since I am suffering from a mini writers block. But awesome post :)

    1. I would love to see your post if you write it! Good luck with your mini block! Thank you very much!


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