Sunday, 7 December 2014

Loving Yourself

"We accept the love we think we deserve," - Stephen Chbosky

All too often the love that is accepted by one person is too little. Maybe none at all. We deserve to see and enjoy and accept the amount of love that we want to love; that we dream of deserving... Because we do deserve it. This same amount is an amount of love we should all create by ourselves. We really deserve to love ourselves.

Below is a video I adore. This post isn't simply appearance-related but it definitely can be related.

Although I understand, I wish I could rid the world of this thing where we drag ourselves down, insult ourselves and believe we're not the awesome people that we are.

I want to establish a conclusion now through an utterance stated in the video: "Our self-perceptions are generally, kind of harsh, and unbecoming... When really, that's not how the world sees us."

The way we view ourselves is too often derogatory and too focused on things we convince ourselves are true or a bigger deal than they are. Boys and girls, and men and women are all affected. We over analyse and over penalize.

The Dove video above shows an artist who cannot see the person in question. The person in question describes themselves and the artist draws this character. Another person describes this person in question and the artist draws this version. Whilst the person in question is overly critical, the other person (I hope you are following!) describes a more accurate version, as seen as a result in the drawings. The person in question creates an image (through the artist) of all of their bits and bobs (if you will) that they clearly don't like and overemphasize which evidentally does not to look like them. On the other hand, the other person portrays an image (could you say literally?) that is much more like the person themselves.

Self-perception, I believe, more often than not, needs to change. Let's love ourselves!

Personality-wise, the situation is upsettingly similar.

We're all something wonderful. We're kind or funny; sensitive or sweet; passionate or confident; loyal or adventurous. We're also a lot more. We're all a lot, and just because we're not some things, it doesn't make our other things insignificant. It makes them us.

I told someone the other day the things I liked about them. It wasn't a moment full of anything lovey-dovey or with intention, just a statement about their gorgeous personality, because they, like everyone, must firstly acknowledge their wonderful attributes and then love them. I told them I like how they don't pretend they're anything that they're not; that their honesty is refreshing; their kindness is exciting; their humour is tickling; their passion, their hard-working nature and their considering of others' feelings is admirable. More than anything, their nod is something I admire. They accepted that I view them like this because the sincerity was there. Maybe they don't believe it yet, but I will show them the way. Because they will.

A year or so ago, in both departments spoken about here (appearance and personality), I decided to positive (I'm making it a verb today) myself. I do like myself. I really do. And we all should. It's not arrogant to appreciate ourselves like we appreciate others, and like others appreciate us.

Let's all love ourselves please.

Smiley & Bright People,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging every day until Christmas for Blogmas. You can read yesterday's (it was posted today. I'm very sad about it so can we not dwell, please?) post HERE!

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