Monday, 15 December 2014

Paper Towns - John Green

A thought has been lingering in my head for a while, but it hadn't reached the surface until I closed the book of Paper Towns and I let myself listen to the voice: To be in John Green's creative mind would be a wonderful place to be.

Quentin (Q) always adored Margo; Margo, the popular girl; the mysterious girl. The girl next door that isn't quite the girl next door you imagine.

After a night full of adventure with Margo, Q is more than confused when she isn't around anymore. In a trance of love and confusion, Q sets out to find her; the girl that no one can understand; the girl Q wants to understand.

Through using traces Margo seems to have left behind, Q becomes besotted with the idea; addicted to finding the girl he loves.

It's true that every John Green book is famous as a piece of art; Paper Towns is the novel I had been intrigued to read for a very long time. It, naturally, didn't disappoint.

Paper Towns is a melodic book; a book that made me think a lot. It made me wander about Margo's intentions and the force behind Q's actions. It made me think about friendship and love and all that is in between. I understood the craze created around Paper Towns straight away. I could use Paper Towns as a metaphor for everything awesome about books and literature and stories.

Paper Towns is awesome.

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  1. While paper towns is a good book, it wasn't my favorite John Greene book, I really love looking for alaska though.



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