Monday, 8 December 2014

A Christmas Memory

Excitedly, I knock as quietly as possible on my brother's door.

Almost six hours before I had felt very awake, very full of Christmas cheer and anticipation, feeling as though I wouldn't ever fall asleep. As quickly as I had thought it I must have drifted off into festive dreams.

Now, five hours and fifty minutes later, I am standing at my brother's door. It's 05:17, and with my stocking in my hand, I'm not sure it's physically possible to wait any longer for Christmas to begin. The door finally clicks open and my brother tiredly grins, but his eyes say everything I want them to: IT'S CHRIIIIIIIIIIISTMAS.

We sit on his bedroom floor, our stocking presents swimming in Christmassy excitement. We don't open them; we simply look- inspect. It is rare when there isn't a minute where the words, "it's Christmas" are muttered.

We giggle as quietly as possible and I adore every moment.

We pack away our stockings and show each other the wrapped up gifts for the other sibling. Before we know it, it's six o'clock and our parents admit defeat and acknowledge our noise.

Simple, and the replica of a childish Christmas Day morning (that would be repeated every year afterwards), I feel the delicious Christmas magic create an endless smile on my face.


I am very aware that I am very lucky to have the awesome Christmases I have; the kind others miss out on.

Christmas is a time for acknowledging everything we have; everything we have to be grateful for. My family and friends are top on this list. We must not, as ever, forget those suffering; those without this picturesque Christmas.

I'd like to end this post with a few links to charities that would benefit from our love this Christmas:

* Alzheimer's Society

* Teenage Cancer Trust

* Together for Short Lives

Help others to create their gorgeous Christmas or raise the issue as you so can.

Good Thoughts & Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging every day up until Christmas for Blogmas! You can read yesterday's post HERE!


  1. This is a really sweet post! My Christmas's were a bit different but lovely just the same. Also props to you for actually blogging everyday!



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