Sunday, 7 December 2014


You know when you're given a task at school to reflect on a piece of work you've done? What's good about it and what needs improving. Sometimes, I think this should be applied to life. Today I want to focus on the progression I've made; the way I've progressed and the want to better myself all of the time.

I was thinking about my blog today; about its content and how it's changed since I started this blog last January. There are styles and ways of writing that I still use and types of posts that I still write. There are others I simply don't use or write anymore. In this way my blog has progressed and aged, if you like. Not in a bad way. I'm changing it because I'm improving it in my own way. I'm simply molding my blog into everything I want it to be. I really adore the place my blog is at right now. I adored my original way of blogging too. I will adore anything to come.

We progress too. Differently. With myself, I can easily see the ways I've changed over the last, for example, six years. I can also see how different parts of my personality that I feel have always been there and parts that I feel are new have contributed to my life in different ways. Some characteristics are gone now; tried and tested. Gone for a reason. Like, my fear of competing (I still get nervous but I can deal with it better- it helps that I have always wanted to quietly do really well!). More will go, as time goes by and I work on things I want to work on. Progression, ey.

I have really seen how I have progressed with running. I have always enjoyed it and liked to push myself, but my enjoyment for it has increased a lot; a lot like how much I'm pushing myself a bit more. I have more of a strategy to improve more quickly whilst being careful about it too. I love my runs and I can't wait to progress further.

Autumn is moving aside for winter and as it does so, I'm excited to continue progressing the 2014 me until 2015 arrives and I progress into the me that will change slightly over the course of 2015. While I hope I improve myself, I think it is crucial to appreciate my current self- addressed in the next post of Blogmas! You can read my last Blogmas post HERE!

Photos & Noticeboards,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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