Monday, 7 July 2014

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes

"Heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting," Good Housekeeping

"Majestic, utterly compelling, tremendous. A heart-stopping read," Independent on Sunday

"A perspective and moving tale," Independent

Never before has it taken me quite so long to write a book review... I'm talking months.
I simply didn't know what to say; what to say that's not been said before. This book is every wonderfully beautiful adjective, every happy bittersweet smile and every excited chatter my mother and I have had about every book at once.
This novel oozes charm, warmth and heartbreak; it oozes honesty and thought.
Me Before You is about Lou Clark and Will Traynor. It could be said to be about quadriplegia, about disability and sadness. And, well, it is. But it's not. Lou, after being made redundant ends up working for Will, much to his displeasure. There to keep him company, it seems she'd do anything to keep out of his way. The twist, though, is one I would never ruin. It's simply one you must discover through Jojo Moyes's gorgeous story.
Lou is a character that you adore reading the words of the author that make up the way of her mind, her words and her outlook. Bubbly and funny, Lou is also caring and very thoughtful. The happy eyes she sees her life through are charming ones- ones that make the emotion of the novel, both more emotional, and more addictive. I've never admired a character like I do Lou, and I loved being alongside Lou and Will's story with her, watching her grow and her brave ways prevail.
Will, to me, is not a tragic character, or anything of the sort. Of course, his situation sucked, and his aching for his old life broke my heart, but he is a hero to me. He is charming and funny, and cares for Lou in a lovely way. I learnt a lot through Will; about disability and his feelings towards it. Ultimately, I'm deeply in love with him.
I finished this in a public place, tears untamed but modest. I couldn't wipe them away because I was so attached to Will and Lou, and wanted to read beyond the pages beyond the book so much. They deserved my tears and my understanding and I couldn't find it in me to lift my hands to my face, because I just wanted to turn the last few pages, close the book, long for more of Jojo Moyes's words and think.
Me Before You is wonderstruckingly lovely.
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