Monday, 21 July 2014

My Thing

I live quite close to London and so am often seeing the busyness of the people of London; the purpose in their walks. I spent a few days there very recently and it made me think.

I saw the businessmen and the businesswomen, the men and women in suits with briefcases, the buskers and the people with a stride that spelt out "on a mission." We're taught to work and walk towards "purpose", whatever that may be. This notion is particularly obvious to see when I'm in London, and despite how often I'm there, I never get sick of the sight. There are many different types of purpose (family-wise/career-wise/yourself-wise etc), and I love witnessing people do their "thing", with meaning and passion in their expression.

People often search for their "thing", their calling; where they're meant to "be."

It sounds like a tough adventure to me.

I'll skip to the conclusion really quickly

Your "thing" can be anything now, and a plethora of things later.

Back to the middle part

I hope that in the future, one of my "things" will be my career. I'll love what I do, and I'll beam when I think about it. I'll be somewhere doing something to do with writing; someone else's writing, or maybe mine. Either way, I am determined it'll be my "thing."

It's also my "thing" right now.

I also want many other "things" to be "things" of mine: friends I love; family I love; hobbies I love; the me I love.

In THIS post Louise wrote about people trying to be different things, and that while you're "giving 100%", these per cents are spread around different things. She says she wants to give all of her per cents to her daughter. It doesn't mean she doesn't give other per cents to other things and people. It makes it clear to me that while many things can be "your thing", some are more deserving of your per cents, or that "thing" needs it more, or you want to give it more. It doesn't mean other "things" aren't yours to assign to you, but it can mean that some are more important; more vital to your being.

Purpose, I believe, can be a lot like having hope. Both, I hope to always believe, are always possible. It might be hard to see sometimes, but we all have a purpose and we all have hope, even if oblivion is something attempting to stand in our way. Like I've written about very recently, I don't believe this is necessary.

London shouts a lot of things; one of them is the plethora of "things" that bring purpose to people's lives. I love that.

Bright Eyes & Happy Strides,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. I love London, watching people do their 'thing'. I'm still in school, but I hope one day I find what I want to do and I'm happy with it! x

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