Tuesday, 15 July 2014


So. I saw The Fault In Our Stars at the cinema, and it's time to let my thoughts spill out.

*Smiles with all of the fangirl in my heart.* It sticks SO closely to the novel. So closely. Not only did I feel it had everything essential in it, but watching it felt like what I pictured when I read John Green's novel was perfectly translated onto the screen in front of me. It was raw and honest, beautifully sweet, funny and sad, exactly to the way in which the novel projected.

The acting and the characters, again, were simply spot on. Hazel didn't show her fear and Augustus was beautifully pretentious; her mother was positive, and her father more outwardly emotional. Isaak was funny, and the support group leader, Patrick was hilariously serious. They all just worked. Hazel and Augustus's personalities bounced off of each other easily; their humours and thoughts acting as two separate reflections from the same mirror. A characteristic of Hazel that was obvious throughout the novel was her selflessness. This was so prominent in the film. She wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings and she put everyone before herself. Hazel was incredibly admirable.

The Fault In Our Stars is a must see. Yes, I would suggest reading the book (one of my favourite books of all time), but I saw it with a friend who hadn't read the book and she loved it a lot! The bursts of emotion and tragedy were poignantly beautiful, while the laughs and the love and the friendships made me grin like a John Green fangirl would.

I began thinking a lot about oblivion again because of seeing the film. It's a key theme throughout the book and film, and Augustus's fear of it is so sad to watch, and endure as his genuine fear is etched across his face. I ultimately learned a lot from Hazel's responses to the fear, and was glad of her reassurance for him.

*This is a spoiler-filled paragraph... This post would have to have one.* Hazel and Augustus's trip to Amsterdam was divine. Their relationship sparkled in the setting, and their experience was sweet and full of my eyes widening in happiness for them. The meeting between the two of them and Peter Van Houten was as raw as it was in the book. When reading the book, as much as I would have wanted the meeting to be as perfect as Hazel dreamed of, I will always be grateful for John Green's honesty. The scene in the film both broke my heart and made me want to punch the sky with glee at Hazel's awesome response.

As the film ended, no one in the cinema moved. The credits rolled and my tears made friends with one another. The Fault In Our Stars is a fresh, bright film that covers a dark topic both beautifully and honestly; it's a beautiful tale that will never leave my heart.



Clouds & Benches,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. I went to see TFIOS last month and I couldn't control my emotions! This review is perfect and I agree with everything you said! :)

    1. Eeeeeek! Yes, it was just a burst of so many emotions! Thank you Shirley! :D


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