Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My 3 Favourite Nicholas Sparks Heroines

When I think about what's synonymous with my blog, it must be said that Nicholas Sparks's works are one thing that are! I adore reading his words and I adore writing about them too! With this in mind, I love a good list and, today, is another one of my "favourite" Nicholas Sparks posts. I've wanted to talk about my favourite females in his novels for a long time and, trying to put aside too much that isn't the female's personality, I will name my favourite Sparks ladies and what it is about them that I love!

*Contains traces of spoiler.*

Ronnie from The Last Song

A little "off of the path she should be on", Ronnie is a character that is fuelled by fire. Although it is sometimes anger that is the result of this fire, it is often passion too, and this becomes more and more prominent throughout the novel. It makes Ronnie incredibly endearing because she opens her heart, and she's honest and she forgives and she learns. I love that she's completely okay with who she is, and that her uniqueness brings out the best in Will.

Katie from Safe Haven

Katie is incredibly heroic to me. She faces her fears and moves on, making a new life for herself to bring herself happiness. She's looking out for herself and it's so admirable. I love that she is guarded in order to protect herself but finds herself opening up her world to one she wouldn't have imagined when she first found her haven.

Jamie from A Walk to Remember

Jamie is quiet and passionate, and I can't help but adore her. She knows who she is and makes no apologies for it. She struggles and still finds a way to be incredibly positive. Although I'd never blame someone for not having her positivity in her position, Jamie is nothing but heroic to me. Her attitude, in turn, changes Landon, and creates a love that makes my heart so happy.

It must be said that one thing all three of these characters share is their absolute strength and willingness to sacrifice. In their situations, Nicholas Sparks makes them such admirable characters in this way, and these ladies make my heart glow with smiles.

Beaches & Sandcastles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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