Thursday, 10 July 2014

Mean People

Mean people suck.

I've deliberated over the title of this post for a long time. I'm a big believer in people having off days or moments that don't express their true self and so no one (or a few moments) mean action should define an individual. In this post I'm addressing people I've come across that have been nothing but unpleasant in my (more than a few) experiences with them. It must also be noted that there are very few people I've met that I'd consider are more mean than nice.

I've wanted to write about mean people before but have never known how to word it, but seen as I've just finished college, and have learnt a lot about people, I feel like I should write down what I've ultimately learnt from the actions of mean people.

From what I've learnt, I can hear a parental voice telling me this;

"In life, there are people who can make you feel small, victimised and insignificant. Yes, it's unfair; yes, it should be challenged, and ultimately sorted... But it doesn't mean these people don't exist."

This isn't an attempt at a mothering post... Not at all. Simply put, I have felt subjected to the wrath of mean people, both personally and not personally. Both are unacceptable.

A few of the mean ways people can strike are acting in an intimidating or malicious fashion or casting uncaring words upon others. Of course there are other ways, but these are the ways that, if "Regina George" encompassed the mean people I've personally felt victimised by, I'd accuse "Regina George" of acting:

i) Intimidation: Probably the most vile act I've come across.

ii) Maliciousness: Maybe the definition of mean, maliciousness frustrates me because it, when used by a mean person, is purposeful and cruel.

iii) Callousness: I feel like unnecessary, horrendous digs at people are a by-product of a lack of empathy or a lack of wanting to empathise with humanity in the face of a human.

I feel like I've ultimately learnt that, although mean people exist, they should never cloud over a life; make life full of fear or dread. I don't like that I can become intimidated or in fear of some people because of their actions, but I know I'm not the only one. I know that even these mean people will be approached by others that make them uncomfortable. I deal with the concept of mean people better now: It simply makes me feel better as I could never do or say these things that these mean people have done that I have witnessed.

Other Sunsets & Other Seas,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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