Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I've wanted to write about the concept of oblivion since I read The Fault In Our Stars last year. A year later and I've finally decided to put my thoughts into readable (potentially debatable) words on a screen.

A quick conclusion

These words will be forgotten; they will disappear completely one day. It doesn't mean that in between now and then (whether that be today, or in many years), that I can't keep thinking my thoughts and speaking them aloud.


In the Fault In Our Stars (spoiler alert), when Augustus is asked to share his fear, he replies that he fears "oblivion." In Hazel's response she suggests oblivion is inevitable; there will come a time when "all of this will have been for naught"; those big names we know now because they've been imprinted in our history will even be forgotten. Augustus fears not being remembered, not having made his print on the world; an Augustus-shaped footprint long forgotten.

Another conclusion-y thought

Is oblivion something to be feared? I think it's something to embrace. Just because what I do will be forgotten, it doesn't mean that I'm going to stop treating people as kindly as I can; it doesn't mean that I won't apologise when I've slipped up and been less kind.

A rambl-y paragraph

I feel like my blog itself can be highly related to the concept of oblivion; the very opposite of oblivion, perhaps. I often fear that the concept of my anonymous blog; the name, "The Girl in the Moonlight" itself (which I cringe at when I think too much into it- although for this next reason only), is one that appears pretentious. Would people, if they thought about it, think I'm being passive aggressive (not the right word, but a somewhat similar action I envision), I often think. Do people think there is more to my act of carrying on with this blog than there is? I love my blog because it's me. I can quietly express my thoughts... for me. This blog isn't an avoidance of oblivion; I am not hoping to be remembered because of this blog. The very opposite, in fact.

Another conclusion

Reflected in oblivion being an abstract, intangible thing is that it is not a fear or thing in my life. Everything I do doesn't have to be for a long-term meaning - and maybe not even a short-term meaning -; I'm doing it because it matters, because it's happening in that moment, and may be happening afterwards too. Ultimately oblivion shouldn't suggest that everything is meaningless and pointless. This blog isn't meaningless because no one can attach a name or face to it, or because it's not read by so many people that I can't picture that amount; I do it for me. I write blog posts because my blog is meaningful to me. I write my thoughts because they matter. I talk my thoughts because they matter. I don't create friendships with people to be remembered; I do it for me... To live the life I want with the people I want to share it with. I don't live to create a name; to be remembered for ever. I live to matter to myself and to the others I want to matter to, creating and losing (for whatever reasons) friendships and smiles and memories along the way.

Sure, oblivion, in my eyes, is inevitable, but it doesn't make my life, and the things in it and the actions I do, meaningless.

What do you think about oblivion?

Dark Skies & Sparkly Nails,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. This was a really interesting post to read... and not just because oblivion has been something I have been thinking a lot of lately (its like this post jumped out of my mind!). There will be a day where the internet no longer exists. All the servers so many peoples precious words, status updates and hilarious memes will literally disappear into thin air (not to mention all of the blogs we pour our time into)and all that human time and effort lost makes me sad even thinking about it. But you're totally right when you say oblivion doesn't render life meaningless.

    What an interesting topic and great post!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, reading your comment has made it hit home that internet will not exist at some point, and our precious words will be gone one day! Such an interesting concept.

  2. Possibly my favourite post by you so far and very thought provoking!

    For me, I find oblivion comforting. The fact that one day the sun will swallow the only earth we've ever known doesn't scare me, it gives me strength. But I also believe this: when we're talking in terms of our own lives there is no such thing as oblivion. I believe that each individual life is a universe within itself, it grows expands and changes but it doesn't fade into oblivion, it simply runs its course. We're all just smaller universes inside a much bigger universe and I think we should treat ourselves as such. What you do in your life matters (be it being kind, leaving a mark etc.) because its an integral part of your universe. Just because something you do doesn't matter in our large universe doesn't mean it doesn't matter in your own.

    Oblivion might be inevitable, but that doesn't mean all that happens in the moments before it was for nothing.

    x Erin

    1. That's such a lovely thing to hear- thank you so much!

      What a gorgeous concept! If ever asked, "What's the point?", I will for ever respond, "The point is it matters to my universe!" Beautiful!


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