Monday, 14 July 2014

Three Wishes

After watching THIS video where the wonderful Carrie Hope Fletcher talks about the three wishes she has had, and that one is completed and another is on its way to being completed, I since began thinking about three wishes of mine. As well as being so very excited that she will be releasing a book, it got me thinking about what my three wishes in terms of physical achievements (I'm excluding things like happiness in this post) I want to achieve. I thought it'd be a fab idea to document three general life aims!

My three wishes

  I've spoken about it before on my blog, but one of my if-a-genie-gave-me-three-wishes wishes is to write a book. Side note: When I think about writing a book, it's not at all about the publishing of it. Although that's what my dreams would be made of, the thought of writing a story written in my words makes me feel all warm and excited. It's an ambition of mine, and one I hope to achieve.

I aspire to carry on blogging for ever. I love this little slice of haven that I have to call my own and I can't ever imagine not blogging. Even though it was hard to cut down on blogging this year throughout my exam period and I accept that I will always adjust my schedule when necessary, I want to always have this outlet for my writing. It's one of those things that simply makes my heart sing and I'd never want that to stop.

I want to own a place (whatever and wherever that may be) and create it so that I adore it so much that I'd take pictures of it and put them in photo frames (I won't do that though). My bedroom is my favourite place to be (especially when dreaming about my written book[s] and writing my blog) as it reflects who I am and is where I can be in any mood and I'll be content with it.

What would your three wishes be?

Fish Fingers & Chips,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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