Tuesday, 29 July 2014

An Old Book | A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

I started this "An Old Book" series a while ago to make sure I am including books I read a long time ago on my blog. Seen as I am a quality book keeper (the type that buys too many books and keeps them for ever), it seems only right to reminisce over them, as they stay in my heart as much as they do in my bedroom.

I adore this novel (italic-worthy and everything), and it is a tale that taught me a lot, and had me engrossed with its company for a lot less than a day.

Jamie Sullivan is quiet; Landon Carter is not. Jamie Sullivan is synonymous, to people around her, with Christianity; Landon Carter is not. Walking on completely different paths through life, the two teenagers become closer and closer, spending time together in a far from predictable way; learning about each other slowly; beautifully. Growing with each other; sharing memories that can't be forgotten.

It's a relatively short story, packed with emotion, which is most certainly helped by the perspective. Landon is looking back at his and Jamie's story. In this way, the story is soaked with solemnly happy reminiscing; with memories, and words-that-were-said, and thoughtful sighs. There's nothing like a bit of hindsight to make me teary. It's heart-breaking, though. It's one of Nicholas Sparks's treasures that breaks my heart while teaching it something valuable.

A Walk to Remember is a lesson of leading an honest life while doing the things we love, opening our hearts and believing in something. It teaches how two people (even if hidden) can have and learn to have similar values, despite being completely different. This book glows heart and warmth, and happiness beyond the sadness.

I've given this book as a present for a few of my friends. One isn't a big reader but told me this is their favourite book. It really is a stunning read.

Walks & Stars,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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