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All I Know Now - Carrie Hope Fletcher

As I cannot string a comprehensible sentence about how *the most positive adjective ever here* this book is, I am nervous I will not do this book and my feelings towards this book justice with the ramblings of an excited blogger. So, just in case this is how this review goes, All I Know Now is the kind of fabbyawesomefriendlyhelpful book that oozes warm hugs and the most sincere charm. Carrie Hope Fletcher - singer, actress, vlogger, blogger - extends her what-I-imagine full to the brim, beautifully bright CV to a writer too. And an awesome one at that. *Pretends I can write with authority when I am jumping around with toddler hyperness.*

*Takes a deep breath, composes self and sets fingers gently on keypad.*

All I Know Now reflects on Carrie's experiences growing up, as well as stories from very recently. It seeks to present situations which we may be familiar with (a lot of them I related to in some way!) in the hope to find comfort and/or guidance in them. I can see easily how this book will guide and help many. It made me reflect on past situations and see what I did well and what I could have done better, thereby guiding future me in tricky situations. I think All I Know Now is a refreshing type of book. I adored reading about Carrie's stories whilst she makes the point of the story very clear; reading her thoughts and understanding the conclusions she comes to about friendships, love and the future (among many other topics too) was simply readable.

Not only is this book a beautifully honest re-telling of stories (where Carrie is not ignorant to the stories she feels responsible for causing some kind of trouble in), the book (inside and out) is so gorgeous. I have followed Carrie's journey since the start of her YouTube and if the lovely picture of her wasn't on the front, I would see this book and its brightness and positivity and think, Carrie. This book just looks like Carrie. With purple and yellow being the colour scheme, I just felt happy looking at and reading this book. That Carrie illustrates the book herself easily tells us of her hard-work and her motivation making this book. It's so admirable. She has the work ethic I hope I have; the kind of attitude I hope I have. And just in case I don't, I aspire to it; I am working towards it.

I am 19 years old and although the predominant audience in mind may be eversoslightly younger than me, it is so clear that All I Know Now doesn't have an exclusive audience. Carrie's wisdom (gosh, I nearly posted this as "wiseness"- clearly I do not have her wiseness) is easy to indulge in. And why is that? Because we all have stories to share, with outcomes to learn from. And Carrie pieces hers together in such a sophisticated way that I can't imagine one person that wouldn't benefit from this book.

Hearing how different kinds of voices are portrayed in books - be it a non-fiction or a fiction book - always intrigues me when reading. The voice Carrie tells her stories in is one that made reading the book "bright" (if this adjective was appropriate in this circumstance). Friendly, bubbly and honest, Carrie's voice is calming and encouraging, making her suggestions and guidance completely lovely. Her voice shows how pretty and positive her heart is. Of course I don't know her personally, but I adore the person she portrays herself as, and read the book,

With all of my heart, I wish her such a beautiful life. I understand that I do not know her, but Carrie is the type of person I would love to know; the kind of person I seek support from in my own life.

(I am hoping I am allowed to put pictures of inside her novel into the post... Look how pretty her book is!)

What I learnt, as a 19 year old who has learnt a lot of life lessons but no where near all, from this novel is this: Everybody makes mistakes that can be fixed. I was further boosted to "do" (if you will), if I want something. Carrie encouraged me to be honest when someone has done me wrong somehow. To use my words. To move on. To love and enjoy my life.

Carrie's book is warm and comforting to read, yet bubbly, promising and exciting. All I Know Now is a book I recommned to, well, everyone.

Links to places you can find this delightful book:

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