Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Slice of Un-Anonymous #3

Today, as a part of my A Slice of Un-Anonymous series which aims to make my blog a little more personal, I want to share a piece of writing which talks about sounds that are important in my life somehow.


The song of the oven timer which reveals creations I have made
The chatter of my friends on a weekday evening
The sound of the announcer on the train, telling me I am home
The voices of McFly dancing from my stereo
The notification from my phone, delivering exicted messages from my brother
The tip-tapping of my keyboard as I write with my heart
Or the gentle coming together of a pen and paper
The melody of the rain as I cherish the sound from inside
The sound of our songs on the radio
The happiness of the easy footsteps of content passer-bys
The feeling of "home" when my mum is singing in the kitchen
The strong click as I press "publish" to release my words onto the internet
The television blurring as my brother watches his favourite films
The radio talking while my dad listens easily
The light pressing of piano keys
The sound of my feet meeting the ground one after each other as I run
The sound of the life I love; the life I adore.


Have an amazing day- enjoy your favourite sounds.

The TV & Radio,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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