Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Rosie Effect - Graeme Simsion

I can read Don Tillman's thoughts like I can eat chocolate (very quickly and very happily). So, after reading The Rosie Project (my review is HERE), it's safe to say I couldn't wait to read the next part to Don's life, The Rosie Effect.

*Spoilers about first book.*

Don Tillman's accidentally hectic life is the reason for our continuous smile as we read. His thoughts and actions were the predominant reason I adored The Rosie Project and alongside Rosie and his friends, the two books are the most endearing reads. I read the first installment to Don's story and was swept away by the novel's charm and sheer brightness; the messages that are put across and the conclusions that are made. *Drum roll for a cliche perrrr-lease.* This book is no exception.

The Rosie Effect follows Don and Rosie's life. A life involving a pregnant Rosie and a confused but determined Don. As the story goes on Don and Rosie struggle with Don's motives; Don struggles with problems he gets himself into and how he is supposed to feel. The comedy is so spot on that it makes the whole book so edible to the eyes. We long for Don to be understood; we long for him to win.

I have been reading a lot of "second books" recently and The Rosie Effect is another that didn't disappoint. The way Simsion tells Don's story makes the protagonist easily likeable. His relationship with Rosie is a little different to the first novel (naturally) and it's refreshing to see how things have changed; and yet Don't honest thoughts haven't. We like that.

The Rosie Effect is an awesome read. The two novels are ones I always recommend and ones I will always buy for presents. We see the serious issues Don has faced in his life and how he has overcome them; we accept Don and think he is awesome simply because... he is! I adore Don's story.

Guide Books & Old Friends,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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