Saturday, 30 May 2015

Late Night Writing

So, here I am, on a Saturday evening, incredibly excited to be sat with that lovely blank page in front of me. It feels like it has been TOO LONG. Because it really has been too long. And I am here, after having made a promise to myself that I will post three times a week (no matter when in the week), and... *sad face.* I haven't. But no fear, I am back without another promise to myself and with a simple statement: I will try out posting whenever I have something ready for however long until I am ready to make a commitment in letters on the internet. Okay. *Breathes.* I feel better now.

I was thinking about my blog today and how much it means to me. I was thinking about my lack of posts this week and why that matters to me. Because, at the the end of the day, I don't have an amount of members that mean my schedule is known to anyone but me. And that just shows that my blog matters to me because I put my everything into it because I want to; and for no other reason. (Not that people with blogs with many members aren't the same- of course, of course I am not saying that- it is just a particular circumstance that applies to me!) At the end of the day, we should live life (whilst being kind and caring and all of the good things because I will always consider these qualities to be SO IMPORTANT) for us. Do and make not for the audience of the world, but do and make for that person you see the world through: You.

I am nearing the end of exams and nearing that beautiful shining sun I see forecast in my heart: summer. My summer was so busy last year and with it came so very few posts on the blog. My number one promise to myself is to not make it like that- I'd love for it to have more posts than an average week on The Girl in the Moonlight if I am entirely honest, but I have stopped making blogging promises for a while!

So here is just a few lines on a Saturday night from a blogger so very excited for summer, and so very excited to write... lots!

Prospects & A New Sunset,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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