Friday, 22 May 2015

To Those Cynics

The smiling freckle on your cheek,
The not-so-hiding meaning beneath,
Every word that you utter,
Making this lovesick teenager better,
But knowing of the cynics,
The "their too young to be in this",
The "yes, it's lovely but how could it be",
The "they're just young and happy,"

But the fairy tales I once read,
Seem so close to home when I'm met,
With your laugh, your sincerity,
Your smile- the one with the teeth,
There are those cynics, yes,
But, to them I say, "I confess,"-
"I once did not believe in this thing,"
"This two-hearts-joined and then they sing,"

And yesterday was not so long ago,
And although it feels so long ago,
It's our best friend,
Our yesterday, our happy end,
I know not of biology or physics
But I know my favourite lyrics,
Are written in your eyes,
A cliche I once despised,

To many, this would not be classed,
As a piece written with the stars,
Just lines of teenage excitement,
But I saw this girl's enlightenment,
That came with the solace of another,
Another who believes in for ever,
I, too, once rolled my eyes,
But love is a truth, isn't it? It's not a lie.


Let's not pretend this should be deemed anything other than a silly few lines I wrote before bed, because, honestly, they are just silly lines! But there is a reason for this! (I used to hate beginning sentences with "but", but sometimes I feel their need. I have become enlightened. Much like the feeling I felt after something I am about to tell you about.) Someone very close to me explained their feelings about their boyfriend to me- someone who I know a year or so ago, I discussed our lack of believing in "love" with. Their sincerity and pretty explanation was so overwhelming, I thought my once complete lack of belief should be argued with something - anything - to belittle its views. Why shouldn't I celebrate love on my blog when I have had conflicting views?

So this simple, silly little rhyme is to say: Hey, let's applaud love today!

Held Hands & Softened Eyes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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