Monday, 11 May 2015

I Say Yes to Healthy

I have never considered myself to be unhealthy- and nor, medically, have I been. But I do have a sweet tooth (a metaphorically mahoosive one) and a happy willingness to laze about occasionally. All the same, I have always exercised "enough" and eaten my fruit and veg. I am writing this post though, because I made a more conscious choice to say "yes" to health this year and I'd like to note down a few things about it.

I have always loved a lot of healthy foods and so, I realised, it seemed stupid to ignore them. Tuna pasta; a fresh salad; raspberries and natural yoghurt; kiwis and bananas; strawberries and grapes; sweetcorn and peas. Why limit myself when I bloomin' enjoy what is over the fence marked "silly, silly limit."

Since I was a lot younger I have loved running. I have also consistently run out of my free will- and this year I upped my efforts and I have loved every second of it. I have always been fit in terms of running, but, oh, the improvements! And I have so many more to make!

I said a better yes to healthy with the help of a few things:

~ I became excited (and still am) and the thought of different healthy ingredients in one meal
~ I scheduled in running in a way that made me very excited for the time to come
~ I kept setting myself new running challenges
~ I didn't put pressure on myself, because I wanted to become healthier
~ I didn't ignore little treats

Healthy future plans:

~ I plan on cycling more
~ In the future, I will join the gym (but until I add that to my exercise routine I have plenty to keep me achieving my fitness goals)
~ I will learn to cook which will in turn excite me to make healthy meals

This is not a "hey, look at my state of health guys!" post, because I still have a lot to improve on- and I still love chocolate! As long as I'm happy and I'm healthy, I will indulge in life and laughter with complete sincerity.

Strawberries & Bananas,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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