Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Life Lately

I have a free hour and am feeling in need of a little lazy time. I have Netflix on in the background and am feeling prepared about revision- so here is a little complete me-time post. With the next few posts planned ahead of me, I am feeling a chatty-post-vibe. So, hey there!

This time last year my blog got a little lonely because I had to put all of my focus into my exams, and even though exams are a priority this May, still, I have been more organised with my blog. All the same, I missed my Monday post and so here is a sad blogger who is explaining something for the sake of documenting my blogging experience. I just want to note that I will still post three times a week (I really really hope!) but it may not be to my Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. No matter what, May 2015 will be a better May than 2014's. Okay. Here is a less guilty-feeling blogger. Phew.

So, exams. I have had a few and am feeling... okay about them! The first year of university, for me, has been a lot about learning to get used to my new environment- the new things I have learned and experienced. Because of this, although I have tried my hardest, I have avoided putting even nearly a lot of pressure on myself. Too much pressure is silly anyway - of course -, but seeing what will come of me doing well always spurs me on. This year I have avoided all pressure because I have experienced more pressure with the new experiences university has brought (not bad pressures, just new, unexpected ones). I want to do well, and I aim too as well. I hope this makes sense... Basically, I am not putting too much pressure on myself but I am still trying my hardest! But, yes, exams are going well.

As I have not piled on the pressure (which I have learnt is the key thing to do in the last few years), summer is seeming all the closer. I am completely excited for summer; for a very long stretch of time at home with my family and friends. For sun and ice-cream and summer writing. It definitely makes finishing each exam all the more exciting!

This exam period has meant that reading has been less, well, done. I am currently reading Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah and it is awesome, and I am gutted that with other commitments, it has not been my absolute best friend. I am excited for exams to be done and summer to begin, a lot because of the excitement of reading lots more! Not only am I super excited for Giovanna Fletcher's new book Dream a Little Dream and Paige Toon's The Sun in Her Eyes, but I can't wait to read a bunch of books I have had lined up to read for a while.

It's that run up to summer and I can't wait! I'll have more time for blogging, more ice-cream and more books by my side.

Countdowns & Sunshine,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. wow....i am gonna go to college too.....from august.......i am excited..


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