Saturday, 9 May 2015

Doing Something "Just Because"

When I imagine hearing the phrase "just because", I picture a naughty child being asked whey they were mean to their sibling. "Just because," they would respond. That isn't the "just because" I am going to tackle today; I want to address the happy "just because"; the "just because" that is kind of beautiful.

When I was about nine years old, because I adored writing, I took a more conscious step to write in my spare time. Why did I do it? Well, just because, of course! And that "just because" has lead to a very grateful 19-year-old writer. Those writing sessions must be the Just Because Building Blocks to my every writing endeavour since. Meaning, of course, that my blog is the product of an eager nine year old writer. And now? I write this blog, "just because." As I am writing this blog it has 50 members. To me, this is a delightful amount of people to have pressed the "follow" button. To many bloggers, this is a very tiny portion of fish in their massive sea of followers, but that doesn't make me any less proud of my little amount of fish that may or may not read my posts. I write my blog, once again, "just because."

Just because...

~ I adore writing
~ I love the feeling of having my thoughts completed in a set of words
~ I cherish the time my laptop and I have; my thoughts and a page
~ I love having an outlet to express my thoughts and work
~ when something causes me so much happiness in a healthy, happy way... Just because.

For appropriate and healthy reasons, of course, we should do a lot more, "just because."

I am as friendly as I feel appropriate to strangers I come across every day. I have happy conversations with my friends. I surprise my family with little gifts. I progress with my running. I play piano and read books. I buy my best friend ice cream. I approach everything with kindness- as I hope is portrayed. JUST BECAUSE.

I could throw a lot of cliches into the mix. You know the ones. Life is too short. Etc. So why not spend it making our lives happy and healthy with the good intentions behind "just because"?

A Smile & A Laugh,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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