Monday, 4 May 2015

The First Page

This sentence I am writing (this one right here!) is the first sentence to be written on the first page of my new notebook. I have no idea where this soon-to-be mash up of words is going so I am nervous about ruining the first page of my best friend in notebook form. However, I am excited. Because, can one really and truly ruin a page with sincere intentions, and happy words in their heart? As I was browsing the shops with a friend, it occurred to me that I don't write - pen-to-paper style - for my own pleasure in a notebook nearly as much as I would like to. So, without further ado, here we are.

It is so easy to get weighed down by the negative and sad world we see on a daily basis. I was happy to read in Carrie Hope Fletcher's book, All I Know Now, that she doesn't indulge in the news because of its sadness- which in no way means she isn't informed with the world's happenings... Because I am the same! I am aware of the events of today and I don't avoid the news entirely (it is so important, after all!), and I do not consider myself ignorant, but it can be gutting to watch and read. Sometimes, because of the tragedies we see on the telly or in the newspapers, we forget to see the good in the world- how far we have come.

We have progressed in the world with gay rights; we have made the world that little more "gender equal"; we are less ignorant and unjust people.

On the train the other day, as a woman paused before her seat, it was second nature for a man to approach her and offer to help her with her bag which she wanted to put above on the shelf. The woman looked delighted. The man was just doing what he thought was natural and as I witnessed the event, I felt so proud of the fact these values exist. Of course they exist! I just don't want to forget it.

Unfortunately, the world isn't perfect. However we shouldn't punish the world for not being so when we are all flawed too. I think, in our lives, our view should have a certain weighting to it. I like to keep a more positive outlook on life (I have learnt this over the last couple of years) without being naive to the struggle, poverty and sadness in the world. I use this blog - my lovely little, happy blog - to create a positive area on the internet (the internet which is full of a lot of sadness). Granted, on a few occasions, I have expressed sad situations of my own, however I think I have mostly come up with conclusions that hope to find me on the path back to happiness.

There is also an important part I want to play in the world. I will always, so long as the world is crying, want to be an activist- encourage certain sort of attitudes and promote more certain values. My blog has been no stranger to posts expressing my strong sadness that gay people do not have the same rights as straight people all across the world (for example). Because, although the world is not perfect - and it never will be -, I want to be on this planet, finding as many ways as possible to encourage the world to be more on the happy side of the spectrum than the sad.

We work on ourselves every day. Everyday I hope to become and carry on being a person I am proud of. We should see the world in the same way.

It is likely that, in my lovely little new notebook, I will slip up- there are already crossings out! I will write words which I don't deem worth of  being on the blog. I will find confusion in my phrasing. I will find difficulties in writing certain ideas. There are a lot of big mistakes in the world that need crossing out and getting rid of as soon as possible. There are also lovely, bright pieces of work, too.

Just on a few thoughts on the first page of my new notebook.

A New Notebook & An Old Pen,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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