Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Thor: The Dark World is the sequel to Thor, Marvel proving themselves once again, extending the franchise in the most epic way.

*Contains traces of spoilers.*

It's almost time for Thor to be made king and Loki is sentenced to a cell while Jane is in London, attempting to heal her broken heart with an Irish delight (fair play Miss Foster). Soon, however, after a few twist and turns, Dark Elf Malekith is awakened and Asgard is needed to be saved. So, who would be the perfect team? Thor and Loki, of course. Fabulous.

A big success of the recent Marvel films is the humour, the thrill of laughter that ripples across the cinema. The Dark World is no exception. With Thor and Loki working as a team (kind of), laughing was made easy as well as Erik, Darcy and Ian, the intern creating comic relief when needed.

Let's talk villains. After Loki causing, well, er, destruction in The Avengers and also the Mandarin causing excitement in Iron Man 3, The Dark World needed someone whose cells are made of pure evil. "Loki", I hear you say? Wrong. Well, I'll let you figure out whether he deserves that title in the film (my love for him clouds my viewpoint slightly). Enter Malekith. Without the audience having an underlying love for Loki and the excitement of the humour with Trevor, Malekith was an unquestionably different and wicked character. *Shudders.*

The patriotic part of myself was naturally excited to see London be the centrepiece of the masterpiece of The Dark World. All of the settings, Asgard or in London were exciting and the perfect scene for it all.

You'd think that after The Avengers, solo Marvel superhero films would be greeted less excitedly but the fact that it's been predicted to take $75 million in its first weekend proves otherwise and so do my excited-fuelled-fingers typing as quick as possible, thinking of the (epic) fights, the reunion of Thor and Jane and the action-packed adventures of Thor and Loki.

In summary, The Dark World is a full of action, comedy, a classic father-hates-son's-girlfriend extravaganza and a coming of age story for Loki (that fails).

Spaceships & Chocolate,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. The mid-credit scene made me jump for joy at the set up for Guardians of the Galaxy and the post-credit scene rounded off The Dark World marvellously.

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  1. I literally just watched this right before I read your post! It was fantastic! :)

  2. You really made me want to read this!!

  3. i loved thor and thor : the dark natalie.


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