Wednesday, 19 February 2014

"It is Toxic and Painful and Deeply Unfair," - Ellen Page

Below I have placed a video of the awesome Ellen Page and her coming out as gay.

She's one brave woman. It frustrates me completely that she had to be brave, that it's not yet unsurprising for someone to be gay and for it not being the norm to not have to "come out"; for it to not be an announcement; for everyone to just be in agreement: being gay is a-ok. But it isn't yet the norm to not have to come out and Ellen Page is bloomin' incredible.

She talks about people questioning themselves; about wondering "What on earth is going to happen to you" because of the unfairness they are exposed to at school or because they can't tell their parents "the whole truth" about themselves. The future can be a worry and she makes it clear that it's crushing. Many have pointed out the complete injustice of this whole situation in relation to all those years ago (and yet not overly long ago) when there was slavery and complete unfairness towards blacks with segregation and vile attitudes. We see that as wrong now; as sickening, inhuman and thankfully in the past. The feelings that are shadowing many gay people's lives - young and old - need to go now. They need to be left in the past. It makes me incredibly sad to think about how hopeless many feel because the whole world hasn't yet woken up and seen the light. But they will. With our help.

"I'm tired of hiding," she said. This rips a large shred of happiness out of me. *Queues rhetorical questions that I hope you can answer correctly.* Is that fair? Is that a happy world? A world where people can't tell people the truth about themselves. Is that a world we should be proud of? We can change this. If everyone gets on board the train labelled "We support lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders" and makes their support clear, we can make this world brighter.

Ellen Page has used her position to promote the struggles that the gay community have; she's also used her position to suggest the difficulty of her position: it's still difficult, celebrity or not. I don't doubt that she'll continue to promote better values; a better life for those who feel undermined. We all have to do so. Anything you do will count - just do it! Do you want to be part of history that still has all of these disgusting attitudes towards gays that are not dissimilar to the attitudes towards blacks all of those years ago? Do something about it.

Being gay isn't a choice. Being gay doesn't have to be this stigmatised thing; it shouldn't be this stigmatised thing. Let's change that!

Tweet something showing your support of gay rights, equality and the complete abolishment of disgusting attitudes towards those who love the same sex. Show a friend this video and spread this attitude. Do something.

I feel a massive surge of gratefulness to the support Ellen Page addresses through her speech; those who may work long hours to help people; to those who are helping every single day.

Change & Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. I loved that she came out in such a public way. It's so important for people to have role models who deal with their sexuality and talk about it openly. x


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