Monday, 4 November 2013

My Fall Soundtrack

The other day I was reading one of Shirley's lovely posts from Wonder Canyon called "My Fall Soundtrack" and it excited me a lot! She very awesomely said it was completely a-ok for me to write a post on my fall soundtrack too!

Recently all I want to write about is autumn and jumpers and hot chocolates and socks and boots (you get the autumnal picture) and so when I saw Shirley's post, I loved the idea of writing my own soundtrack for these wonderfully magical months. I have already had many of those evenings, sat in pyjama bottoms, a big jumper and socks with a hot chocolate in my hands and music that makes my heart warm surrounding me.

Although, in the UK, you're not likely to hear these colder months be called "fall" rather than autumn, I thought it sounded exotic and exciting so here is my fall soundtrack!

What songs are you listening to a lot recently? Have you got anything else on your fall soundtrack in terms of big jumpers and too many pairs of socks?

Chocolate Sprinkles & Marshmallows,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

I'm a tweeter not a fighter/Every day I'm tumblring/Random post of the day


  1. Loving this playlist!

    -Adele @ wildsunets

  2. So happy to see you put this up! I'm definitely gonna take a listen to these songs since most are new to me! :)

  3. so happy to see this

    Best Regards

  4. i love taylor's and birdy's songs ......


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