Monday, 25 November 2013

A Little Blogging Conclusion

I wanted to, as I've completed my blogging challenge that you can check out HERE, do a little round up of it and talk about what I've learnt. Although I've named this a "conclusion", it's a more of a continuing "conclusion" as I am always learning about blogging, from post to post but I thought "A Little Blogging Continuing Conclusion" was a bit long-winded. For me, it's important to reflect and although this is a bit of a boring post, I hope, if you continue to read, it makes you think about you and your blog. It's just a bit of housekeeping to keep my blog tidy really!

If you're reading and you don't want to click THIS to find out about my blogging challenge (how rude), I blogged for five days last week which was slightly scary for me and what's more, (by Jeeves, there's more?!) I've been blogging about things that are daunting for me for different reasons.

So, to be cohesive, I will talk about how the scary posts went.

My Monday post was a beauty review on Soap & Glory and, despite being very fearful of it, I enjoyed it a lot. It helped that I loved the product and taking the photos for it too. I wasn't sure how I was going to write it before opening a page on blogger, but once I sat down, it just kind of worked. You know when you did something creative at school and you had to look at an object, maybe touch it, and describe it? I kind of applied all of those primary school lessons to it and I hope it worked!

Tuesday's post was about body confidence and I'm relatively happy with it, but also disappointed. I felt like there was so much to say and so much I didn't. I feel like I was so caught up in it and wanting to do it well because I really feel strongly about body confidence that I got all confused. There is definitely more for me to write on this subject.

The next post was a facts about me post, only I did it a bit differently. I did it in a narrative kind of way and it was really enjoyable to do. The only thing that upsets me about it is that I really want to do a conventional facts post because I love reading through them, but I find them so difficult. However, I really did have a good time writing my post.

I was nervous about Thursday's fashion post because I've never done a post like it and similarly to the beauty review post, I didn't know where to start. Luckily, the post was great fun. I spent absolutely ages on it, taking photos and writing it up (and making bad puns) and it was enjoyable because I did it about my favourite fashion line (Saint Kidd). It has actually made me excited to do more posts like it.

On Friday, I posted a short story called The Vignette of Love. I really enjoyed writing this, even if it is sad. I hold back from posting creative things because I feel a bit embarrassed and I'm scared of people reading them, but I've decided that, as I enjoy them, if I want to post them, I will.

Overall, I learnt that just because something seems scary, it may not be. I feel like my conclusion is what a parent would tell a child when facing their first day of school, but it's really true. I enjoyed writing all of these posts.

I feel like this post has gone on a bit; it seems quite unnecessarily long with a load of unnecessary babble. It may look like I'm just stating a bunch of boring things, but for me I really love to document my blogging experience. Do you like to reflect - in whatever way - about certain blogging experiences? What have you learnt?

Write it better. Make it interesting.

Chilly Air & Gloves,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Sorry about the bombardment of links to other posts.

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