Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Re-Introducing Myself | A Few Facts

She is sat on the sofa, her brother close by, feeling happiness at a lazy afternoon. She sets her finished fruit salad to her side and doodles aimlessly, accidentally daydreaming in the process. Wishing Christmas would hurry up already, she reminds herself to live for the day. In a moment of inspiration, she stands and organises a pizza night with her friends, reads a chapter of a John Green book, finishes some college work and tidies her room... kind of. Her lazy afternoon calling to her, she re-positions herself on the sofa and listens to her iPod, needing some McFly to brighten her afternoon. Flicking through some old photos, she pushes aside the reminder that she misses secondary school and decides to enjoy her recent snaps; her friends are awesome. She hears her brother laugh and takes out an earphone; she had been singing loudly. They talk of multiple long car journeys where they were surrounded by bags, coats and food for their holiday, naming them as some of their favourite childhood memories. Then they remember many Christmas Eves where they would excitedly whisper about the magic and happiness of it all; those days take the top spot. Conversation diminishes comfortably and she notes to herself that she couldn't have a better brother. It's a dark afternoon and to make it cosier, she closes the curtains, excited by the promise of rain later in the day. Is there a better way to go to sleep than to the rain melodically bouncing against the window? She shakes her head at the thought and puts the kettle on. Tea and Biscuits... perfect. Tea, biscuits and her homemade fairy cakes ready, she and her brother are about to watch half of a series of an American soap. Midway through, the rain begins. Her brother looks at her and they know what to do. Childishly rushing to a window, they open it and stick their arms out. They laugh together and say, once again, that it's not as exciting as they thought it would be, but it's still pretty great. Evening in full swing, half of an American soap series watched, she retreats to her room and turns on her fairy lights, like little dreams and wishes lighting her room. Wrapping her quilt around her, she enjoys the solitude of her bedroom. She opens the curtains so she can feel her heart singing joyously at the tranquillity of the rain. Bringing her laptop closer, she places her fingers on the keypad, excited to hear that wonderful sound that signifies thoughts spilling all over the screen. It was time to do one of her elite favourite things: blogging. Writing is the sparkle in her eyes but the fear of her secret dream being exposed is always the expression on her face. The Girl in the Moonlight.

I know this is a bit of a different take on a "facts about me" kind of post, but after initially writing a few boring statements, I knew I was going to struggle to write anything that may be interesting to you. I tried to make it at least a fact a sentence (there are a few exceptions!) with a few vague facts alongside them too! A challenge for me in the future is to do a normal "facts about me" post as I love reading these posts by bloggers but I find them so difficult to do! This post is part of my 5 day blogging challenge which you can read about HERE. I would love it a lot if you left a fact about yourself below!

Cookies & Bluebells,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. You can read my 25 Facts About Me post HERE.

My blogging challenge:
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  1. This was absolutely lovely! You're doing great with this blogging challenge! My fact: I enjoy reading through your blog so much! :)

    1. Thank you so much! Aw yay! This comment is the best ^_^


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