Monday, 18 November 2013

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean

I was given this Soap & Glory delight ages ago but as I had so many Soap & Glory products given to me, I only started using it this month. Do I regret not using it from the word "go"? Of course I do!

Peaches and Clean is a deep cleansing milk that aims to soften, purify and clean skin as well as producing a clearer complexion. It is to be massaged into cheeks as well as trouble spots - which, for me is my chin - and then rinsed off with water.
I have been using it regularly since I started it as my skin feels tighter and softer after every use. It's quick and easy to use due to the simple instructions and the pump being stable and controllable. As you can see from the first two pictures, very little of the whole product has been used despite using it often which means five thumbs up to Soap & Glory. I am not worried about it running out for a very long time which makes it very worth the very reasonable price! The smell of peaches is an exciting element for me. It's a discreet smell (which I'm glad about - I wouldn't want my face to smell overpowering!) and always leaves me feeling refreshed and exotic.

The look of Peaches and Clean must be addressed as every Soap & Glory product is so perfectly secured in a pretty and exciting way. It's sweet, lovely and appealing. However, this specific packaged version of Peaches and Clean is no longer available but the new version can be bought HERE. I will definitely buying it once this is close to being finished.

Looking after skin can be tiring and lacklustre, making me very uninspired but with Soap & Glory, it really is an enjoyable experience. Naturally, five out of five moons are given for this product.

I'm not one for beauty product reviews (I've never done one!) but as part of my blogging challenge I've set myself which you can read about HERE, I knew I had to write about Soap & Glory. What is your favourite Soap and Glory product? I'm definitely open for suggestions after being impressed by every product I've used so far!

Peaches & Roses,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. Great review! I was at boots a few days ago and I sniffed this and fell in love! After this review, I'll definitely look into picking one up!

    1. Thank you! Awesome! I would love it if you tweeted me when you've got it and let me know how you feel about it! :-)


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