Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Those Three Words: "You've Got Post" | Saint Kidd

Inspired by the endearing pirate, William Kidd, Saint Kidd is Dougie Poynter's clothing and jewellery line. HERE is the site where you can open up a chest full of wonderful treasures! Yeah, you read it.

After ordering something from Saint Kidd, I always feel myself counting the moments until it arrives by pirate ship (metaphorically). Then the moment approaches and the happenings between hearing my mum call "You've got post" and having the package in my hands as I sit cross-legged on my living room floor are a blur. Anticipation controlling my every move, it's time to unleash the beauty of Saint Kidd.
To the left of the text is the Skeleton Horse T-shirt which you can steal a cheeky glance at HERE and to the right of this text and above is the Flying Cat T-shirt which you can get Captain Hooked on HERE.

The Skeleton Horse T-shirt is made out of a very light material and is super soft to touch; like what I would imagine a layer of marshmallow sheet would feel like. It's lovely and loose and I love the print on it so much; it's hauntingly stunning. I normally wear it tucked into a black skirt with tights and a shirt and what I particularly love about it is that it's light for the summer but easily layered up for the winter! The iconic Flying Cat T-shirt is awesomely unique with stitched seams that are really quirky and, of course, the flying cat that is deservedly so one of the images I see when I think "Saint Kidd" the main attraction. I'd normally wear this with black skinny jeans when I'm not admiring its beauty. Both of the tees I have are of incredible quality and a type of beauty that makes me say "m-arrrrrghhhhh-vellous"... *Coughs nervously.*

In terms of how my items look upon arrival, when ordering online, I expect nothing extraordinary. A few crinkles and dull packing is forgivable (up to a certain extent, of course) but Saint Kidd make extraordinary look boring. The detail Saint Kidd pays is awesome. From Saint Kidd tissue paper (more than one kind!) to flying cat pendants on awesome Saint Kidd tags to hidden messages to free tote bags to stickers, it's all incredibly magical.

I always wear my Saint Kidd tees as soon as they're back in my cupboard and I can't wait until I've saved up the money to buy THIS bracelet and THIS tee. Saint Kidd makes me "ASDFGHJKL".

This post is part of my 5 day blogging challenge that you can read about HERE. I really enjoyed writing this as I love Saint Kidd so much. I hope the pictures aren't too terrible for your eyes to bear!

Skeleton Horses & Flying Cats,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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