Friday, 15 November 2013

The Girl in the Moonlight Blogging Challenge

Last month my blog became a bit sad and lonely as I explain HERE. It was because I wasn't feeling particularly happy with the content I was putting up which made my blog a sad place for me and this is the very opposite of what I want my blogging experience to be. Now I'm very much back into the excitement of blogging, I want to set myself a blogging challenge.

Normally I post three times a week. This upcoming week, I will be posting five times. To some who already blogs this many times and some even more (I salute you a million times), it may not a be a big deal but it's quite daunting for me! However, with this fear comes a tremendous amount of excitement!

So, here is the general outline of what the posts each weekday next week will be about (and if you're from the future, - hello, are hover boards a normal way of transportation yet? - each day's plan will be linked already):

Thursday: A fashion post
The point of my little challenge is to get myself out of my comfort zone. Each of these posts scare me for different reasons. Monday's makes my eyes widen because my blog has never been a beauty blog as I don't know all the fancy things about products or any beauty product knowledge, in fact; Tuesday's makes me nervous because I'm challenging myself to get a little deeper into a daunting issue rather than skimming the surface; Wednesday's post is difficult because I want to make my blog a bit more personal, tell any of you that read my posts a little bit more about myself so that a bit more of me is on my little space, but my problem is that I struggle knowing what to write; Thursday's makes me fearful because I just don't know how that will go; Friday's creative writing piece scares me as, although creative writing is one of my favourite things, the thought of people reading something I've completely made up makes me shudder slightly.

The point of this isn't to change what my blog is about. I'm not going to suddenly become a beauty blogger after putting up one review. I may never review a product again and that's fine. I just want to challenge myself because when I've challenged myself before on my blog (McFly Week) I've learnt something and I want to learn something from this! It must be noted that I do think, for me, my blogging experience is about sticking to my blogging niches and trying out things that I would like to be a niche but I'm excited to get out of my comfort zone with things I've never done before (my beauty prdocut review) and things I have done before and want to make a more regular thing (my creative writing piece).
*Nervously pauses for thought and whispers into the darkness "What am I letting myself in for?"*

Oranges & Apples,
The Girl in the Moonlight.

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