Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day 2: My Unsaid Things

McFly aren't just a band. They're not just four incredibly good-looking guys. They're not just a way of passing my time.

If a friend asked me to explain why McFly will always be tattooed across my heart (metaphorically, I hope!) and I had to go beyond the reasons I always say, (because they're incredibly talented, genuinely awesome people and although it's a bonus, they're out-of-this-world good-looking - I don't like going into it because I'd go in too deep) this is what I'd say:

My Unsaid Things

When I'm upset, however little or big, McFly are who I go to. I'll close my bedroom door, put in my earphones and McFly catch me with their melody and words (yeah, I said it). If I just need cheering up, I'll put on Love Is Easy or Star Girl. If I'm upset because I'm not feeling great about myself I'll listen to Smile and it's unbelievable how it genuinely makes me feel better about how I look and who I am. If I feel like the world is against me, Not Alone is my go-to song. Thank you McFly.

Also when I'm not feeling a particularly bad emotion, McFly are there. A tiring day at college, a road trip, a fab day out with friends: I always end up with McFly. They accompany on walks or cycle rides and sunny days in the garden, bus journeys to town, sitting in the living room or simply wanting to listen to them.

Seeing McFly live is a feeling I can't and never will be able to describe. Nothing else matters when I'm in that atmosphere: it's just my favourite band and I. The music that makes my heart smile and I. The whole experience is overwhelmingly perfect. I'll be so excited beforehand that talking to me is useless. I'll go from not talking to stupidly hyper and then it's a mixture of tears and complete madness. I won't even talk about how I feel when they come on stage: its too emotional.

Meeting McFly (well three of McFly if we're being pedantic) was an experience that I reminisce over for many hours each day and it always brings me such joy. They were nothing but charming, polite and wanting nothing but to make sure mine and everyone else's day was the best. I cried a lot that day because they were perfect.

When I watch videos of McFly I am in my own little bubble whether it be a music video or a behind the scenes sort of video, I get genuine butterflies. They're best friends and it shines through when watching their videos. It's unbelievable how proud it makes me.

These are a few of the ways I could ever so slightly explain my love for them. I really hate explaining why I love McFly because it's the most easy thing I do because they really are a huge part of me.

McFly are the music that makes my soundtrack. McFly are, yes, the most beautiful guys but they're not a "phase." McFly are forever and I'll love them for that, always.

Thanks McFly, for making me feel like I'm not alone.

Clouds & Flowers,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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