Monday, 11 November 2013

An Evening Walk With a Thousand Thoughts

Everything is going so quickly; quicker than normal. When life is busy, as it is for me now, I feel like I'm watching it on fast forward rather than partaking. It means, in turn, that it can be difficult to see people who I don't see every day because our rare free time clashes with the other's busy time. However, recently, my best friend and I went on a little evening walk. It made me see everything with a better view.
Walking with my best friend, a sunset as our backdrop and birds tweeting as our soundtrack, we chatted away, catching up on lost time; an unneeded reminder that we have the best time when we're together. Yet, we already knew. We can spend only a couple of hours together and it's the best thing. These are some of my favourite evenings. A slight chill wasn't a burden and as the sky was a purple-blue-yellowy quilt of beauty, we put aside our worries and laughed, while we were in a classic "we're so weird" mood together. I love a few special friendships I have where I could not see someone in weeks (as horrible as it would be) and then we'd see each other and our friendship shines brighter than the time without her funny stories and good advice.

It got me thinking though. My best friend and I have had the most awesome friendship; we have many things about our personalities that couldn't be more different but our similarities in our morals, our humour, our fundamental personal traits make us all too similar. She's one of a few elite people that know me so very well and it's a friendship that I'll always treasure as well as the knowledge that we will always be in each other's lives. People like this in my life deserve to know how special they are, although I hope they already know. I will remind them.

I love my best friend... and sunsets. I love them a lot.

Sunsets & Daisies,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

My last post about my best friend

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