Thursday, 19 December 2013

Who Is Your Blog?

I read a lot of blogs that have a niche. They're beauty bloggers or lifestyle bloggers, photography bloggers or cookery bloggers. What's more? They do it so darn well! Me, though; I don't have just one thing I blog about so when I signed up for Bloglovin' yesterday (feel free to follow me HERE) and I had to click on what type of blogger I am, I felt momentarily sad as I had to click the "other" option.

My blog really does vary and even the variations rarely fit into a category. I've written a beauty post once out of 160 posts, I rarely write lifestyle blogs and if you've read a few of my posts you'll know I am not a photographer, especially considering a post where I have dedicated it to photographs (and that's happened once!). I also blog about thoughts, abstracts ideas and re-tell stories I witness. What kind of blog is that? I blog about more things too. The plot thickens.

I also read a lot of blogs that don't blog about just one thing and go from reviews to thoughts to fangirl posts to whatever they want. This makes me more at ease. Like people, blogs can have many different characteristics. Like people, that's perfectly all right. It's also perfectly all right if you've got one thing you choose to blog about. If you're part of the "other" category or if your blog is specialised, let's unite together in the knowledge that we're all right.

If you've ever wondered "what type of blog my blog is?", it doesn't matter if yours doesn't fall perfectly into a category - but it's great if yours does too. Please feel free to leave links to your blogs below - I would love to check them out and see how you do niche/no niche!

To end this post, I want to link you to some blogs I read that do their niche or their variations of blogging so well:

Shirley - Wonder Canyon
Noelle - This Is Noelle

Luna - xbeautybow
Ramblings & Wonderings,

The Girl in the Moonlight.



  1. I know what you mean completely! I do sometimes feel a little disheartened that my blog doesn't really have a consistent theme to it, but I like how you connected the idea of people's personalities and blogs alike because I agree so much. Thank you for mentioning me! My name's Luna by the way :) Merry Christmas!

    1. Yes! Thank you! No problem. I will add your name now! :)

  2. Thank you so much for the mention!!! :) Joined your blog via GFC!

    1. No problem! I love your blog! Thank you. That's awesome. :-)

  3. I agree with this post :) I was the same way when I added my blog to Bloglovin'. I didn't really see a "lifestyle" option otherwise I think I would've added myself to that. I think for now I'm on the "personal" section so I guess that's okay. I like when bloggers write a little of everything, so long as their personality shines through. I've seen way too many that stick to a certain topic (beauty bloggers, for example) and they tend to sound like a commercial or textbook when they write their reviews.


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