Friday, 13 December 2013

Firefly Lane - Kristin Hannah

I finished Firefly Lane a while ago and I'm excited to talk about it today. This book saw me through a busy time in November and I have been thinking about it ever since.
Please excuse the poorly executed photograph. It has one of the most gorgeous front covers I have even seen and the beauty does, as much as we shouldn't judge a book by the cover, completely symbolise the sublime words that make up the pages inside.

Narratively following two best friends through decades, Firefly Lane contextually sets up the music and news of the time - something that particularly excites me. It allows the reader to travel through their adventures, relating to the girls easily. It's a novel that really deserves the title "beautiful".

Tully and Kate are dissimilar and yet the same. This is obvious from the start of the novel. As their lives progress their differences change but the similarities stay the same. With Tully focused on her career, fame and success and Kate wanting a family, love and security, eventually they realise a slight jealousy they possess at each other's lives. They go through high school, college and their work lives as best friends, taking on the world the only way they knew how: together. That's what triumphs the jealousy. My favourite thing about the novel are the two best friends. Tully and Kate. Their friendship is the most relatable relationship for me out of any book I've ever read. In so many ways, they are my best friend and I; their trust in each other; their plans for the future together; the way one will always be there fore the other.

But will their friendship survive the test of time? The test of love and ambition?

It's a story of two best friends. It's also a story of love, betrayal and happiness. It's a story of a daughter and her mother; a story of family. It's a story of learning things too late.

I really loved this book and it has become an elite favourite of mine. My mum read it afterwards and said that she thought it was fantastic. I believe it's a book for different generations for so many different reasons. *Sighs.* I didn't want it to end.

I'm really bad for sticking to the same authors. I fall in love with an author and then I'll read all of their books. I'll every now and then pick up a book by a different author and then read all of his/her books. For this reason, I'm trying to be open to different authors and I'm loving doing so! (Although I will still read all of their other books!)

Are there any good books you've read recently? I love suggestions!

Bike Rides & Dreams,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


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  1. i saw like hundreds of fireflies near my home one night too......i am being honest.....i really saw them.........and i tried to take a pic but.....could not as it was pitch black.


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