Friday, 20 December 2013

Meaning: The Silhouette of a Dream

A while ago I did a post about the meaning of The Girl in the Moonlight (HERE, if you're interested) and today I wanted to write about the meaning of the header of my blog, "The Silhouette of a Dream). Although, it may seem pretentious, I hope it's not perceived that way because it's not meant that way; I'd just like to document it.

I came up with the header "The Silhouette of a Dream" for my Tumblr (and blog) sat on my bed, attempting to think of something that represented my dreams and I. I thought it worked well because, to me, it meant that my dream, in my head is complete but in reality it is just a wee dream that I can see the outline of but it's filled in with the fact that I'm not going to accomplish it; filled in with darkness.

Ok, so, yes, that's extremely pessimistic. Yet, in my eyes it is also quite pretty, quite delicate. This, in turn reflects how beautiful the unrealistic dreams are in a personal way and the delicacy mirrors the unlikeliness of it and also the fragile mind-set "The Girl in the Moonlight" holds when considering her ambitions and hopes.

Fear, I think, is the biggest obstacle when craving a dream and that's what the silhouette represents: the dream is there, but it doesn't physically exist, it's just something created by the imagination. However, the fear is created by The Girl in the Moonlight - no one else and nothing more. Therefore, the pessimistic attitude of my dreams being completely undoable seems unjustified; the fear is created because I feel I need to fear - not because it's necessary.

The Silhouette of a Dream. Things can seem impossible. They may happen. They may not happen. Yet, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy trying. The Silhouette of A Dream.

Apple & Raspberry,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


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