Saturday, 14 December 2013

Own Little World

Last night, I was lacking inspiration, fearful of this blogging day arriving as I knew I had nothing planned for today's installment of Blogmas. So, I did something that made me cringe and laugh but also long ever so slightly for a time that was no longer than four years ago.

I've written before about how I used to write little stories (that weren't actually that little) and it was always the most exciting part of my day. I'd hide away from my family for part of an evening and type out the thoughts and feelings of characters that I had thought of and memorized* obsessively up during the day. Today I went through an old USB stick and read through parts of three different stories. I want to (with embarrassed-coloured cheeks) share part of one with you.

Ashley stretched out her arms, absorbing the summery melody of the crickets. It would be cliché to say Ashley loved this time of day. But she did. Not quite afternoon, but not quite evening. The sun was still high and with barely any clouds dotted across the sky, it was a perfect dream. She let out a breath that she hadn't realised she'd needed quite so much and cringed at the sound of squeals from the garden.

She didn't have long before her mother would notice she was gone. Ashley knew that she wanted to portray the image of her and her daughter being okay more than she bothered to ask Ashely if she was okay. Ashely knew she wasn't a bad mother: far from it. She just avoided the subject that has haunted them for the past year as if it were second nature.

It wasn't long before Ashley had her Converse tied around a tree trunk, bare feet in the glittery water; the warmth soaking through the gaps in the trees; her heart feeling light, free.

Reading through all my storied was hilarious but reinforced how, like now, I used to get wrapped up in my own little world when I wrote. I was happy to just sit in my room, the evening or day ticking by while I became acquainted with strangers on a page. Lame, maybe, but exciting. I also cringed happily at the sight of "portray", knowing for sure that I would have wanted to drop that to prove some level of intelligence.

Clouds & Converse,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

*Is memorized spelled with a "z" in English not American English?! I've googled it tiredly, so not too much to find it is acceptable to with spelling it Englishly (definitely not a word) and it's underlined with red if I spell with an "s". Or has it never been spelled with an "s"? This is some research for me tomorrow!

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