Saturday, 21 December 2013

Slam the Door

I was listening to Let It Go from the Frozen soundtrack the other day and although I'm not in Elsa's position in terms of the storyline of the film (you know; I don't have magical powers that I've accidentally ruined my hometown with), some of the lyrics applied to me at that point and I felt silly for refusing to let go of something so unimportant.

Critique from friends is something that when dealt with, can be difficult. You can open up the door that has plaque reading "I'm Offended" or you can choose the one that reads "Let It Go". Obviously, if it's constructive criticism that is said with your best interests at heart, you may be right to choose to embrace it. The problem, in my case, is, my friends  won't be trying to offend me. They'll either be teasing about something that's slightly too personal but they won't realise or they'll be stating a comment that gets underneath my skin. Naturally, if people you know are doing it on purpose, you should take a different route all together: tell someone.

Can't hold you back anymore. Once I choose to move on from a comment, I feel that whole "weight lifted off of my shoulders" thing and I couldn't be more grateful. It is then, in hindsight, that I realise two things. First of all, my friend didn't mean to get to me and would feel horrendous if they knew that they did. Although sometimes friends might mean something, that's another issue that should be sorted. Secondly, the thing that had made me sit and think it all through a million times, asking myself if they were right, really wasn't a big deal.

Couldn't keep it in. Why keep something in and torture yourself? This is the question I asked myself and I just knew that I didn't want to waste my time on it anymore. Cry, if that will help. Write something, if that will help. Do anything or nothing until you can move on from it.

Turn my back and slam the door. It really is the best feeling. When I did so the other day, I thought my final thought about the specific issue, got up from my sofa and slammed the metaphorical door I keep writing about. It felt good.

From now on, I will open up the door reading "Let It Go" and slam it as hard as I can! "It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small."

This day 21 of Blogmas! Thank you for reading. IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!

Snow & Gloves,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. The bits in blue are the lyrics from the song that helped.

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