Wednesday, 28 August 2013

YouTubers: Lauren Aquilina

Although I'm not sure she's defined as a YouTuber, more so a singer/songwriter, I found Lauren Aquilina via YouTube and her covers here and I'm so glad that I did.

Lauren's voice is the kind that causes hairs to stand up and make my insides feel all fluffy! Her music really chills me out and she writes it herself - there's nothing more I love in an artist than one who writes their own songs! As well as this, she plays piano and it's just perfect. The lyrics are always so meaningful and pretty and I always have the melodies she's created in my head. She is clearly so passionate about her music and that makes my heart smile; when she plays her music live, it's not just her voice or song that gets me, it's how much the song is a part of her. Wow, that just got deep. I get so carried away into a better world when I listen to her music. She is one of those rare artists that can make any day better.


"You're in control, rid of the monsters inside your head."

I also feel like I relate to her music. I'll sit there and just think "yup, I get it" and that makes me play the song on repeat for hours as loud as possible, yelling emotionally (and as gracefully as I can) the lyrics along. Golly, I'm getting teary thinking about it.

I love Lauren Aquilina so much. Her talent is incredible and she's so dang talented and I can't wait to one day see her live. I'll be the one freaking out.

Favourite acoustic version of one of her songs.
What I'm listening to right now.
Favourite cover.

Have a cheeky listen to her Fools EP (and love it).
Check out her amazing Sinners EP.

Raindrops & Pianos,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. i wish i can one day turn out to be a you tuber like her......capturing a millions hearts...........i wanna be an artist like her.....guess i'll check her out...


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