Friday, 30 August 2013

August's Awesomeness

It makes me want to have a tantrum and go and play with my colouring pencils as August is over but I must talk about my favourite things of the awesome August.

One of my favourite things is that Nina Nesbitt is the music to the new John Lewis advert. It excites my heart oh so much! Hearing her cover of Don't Stop on the advert makes me jump up and down with excitement and it is now available on iTunes! I'm a huge fan of Nina and every time she releases something on iTunes it will be on repeat for many, many days! I absolutely love her cover of the fabulous Fleetwood Mac song and it puts me in the greatest of moods.

The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet is officially out! Being 17 did not stop me loving and re-reading The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas many times and it didn't stop me loving Tom and Dougie's second children't book. I've bought many copies for family members and I know they'll love it too! You can buy it here and many other places. I will be putting up a blogpost up about it very soon!

Louise, Sprinkle of Glitter uploaded and amazing video: Having Hope. I love it when Louise does these kind of videos because they're nothing but honest and bright (I'll explain). This video left me feeling nothing but (if I were a colour) yellow; I feel refreshed and with renewed prospects. The world looks more hopeful. I feel happier and excited about what's to come. After Having Hope, I really did feel hopeful. Thanks Louise!

I really love The Vamps and I had a lot of excitement for their video for their debut single Can We Dance. I've loved The Vamps from the very first day and so was naturally very proud of their first video. I love it. Can We Dance is an amazing song and I saw only a good response to it on Twitter and YouTube. Make sure you pre-order it on iTunes for extra awesomeness too!

Here I shall talk about two trailers that have been my favourites of August. As the Sherlock, season 3 teaser trailer came out this month, I must talk about it. I have watched this beautiful creation many times. I just can't wait. Sherlock just looks... And Watson is... I just need to see the first episode now. What else can't I wait for? THOR 2 ASDFGHJKL. The trailer is just epic and it makes my wee fangirl heart cry. Oh Thor, you perfect man.

Even though I had Brand New Day already on my iPod there are extra treats on the EP including an acoustic version of with Nina Nesbitt which is just... perfect. Each track is amazing and I just can't stop listening to it. Kodaline have my heart and make me feel all summery and are also perfect for cold nights and hot chocolate. They are a must for all seasons.

So this month has been so awesome in terms of music as well as visual wonders; a big cheer for August! Now I'm off to draw a flower.

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