Monday, 5 August 2013

Day 1: Happy 10th Birthday McFly!

So, McFly are 10 years old. The teenagers that made my heart excited a decade ago, now fully-accomplished adults, their success from the last ten years making every Galaxy Defender incredibly proud are celebrating this huge milestone.

"I don't need any award to justify the fact that my band is the best in the world. I believe it's true and belief is everything." - Tom Fletcher.

I can never explain my love of McFly to anyone because 1) no one will understand and 2) I don't particularly want them to in that it's quite a personal thing. My days go like this: I wake up with a start after dreaming I was meeting the boys (the saddest thing in the galaxy), I listen to McFly while I get ready, I daydream about them at college, I come home to listen to them. McFly literally are my life and to think they've been around for so long... It's truly incredible. I pity people for not seeing the awesomeness that is McFly, but I know I'm lucky to have had them in my life for so many years and for all the years that they've promised are to come.

McFly's journey has been incredible so far: 7 number one singles; 5 albums; many awards...

I remember being younger and dancing around in my living room to 5 Colours in Her Hair yelling "WHO THE HELL IS SHE? THAT WEIRDO WITH FIVE COLOURS IN HER HAIR" and when my mum walked in she'd look at me confused. Getting out my physical copy of the single was my favourite thing and I still have a good dance to them in the evenings!

Bands aren't supposed to last this long and yet McFly have lasted this long. What's more, they're working on their next album (asdghjkl my feels) because McFly will never end. 10 years. Now, this is a successful band. They're still around and they're still the best of friends and I still love them with all of my heart.

Another year over, and we're still together, it's not always easy, but McFly's here forever.

10 cheers for McFly!

Lip Rings & Tattoos,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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