Monday, 12 August 2013

With Love - Christina Grimmie

28th July:
I'm writing this just under a week before With Love, Christina Grimmie's second album is to be released and I can't express how super excited I am. Christina's first album Find Me is absolutely fabbity fab (I'm listening to it right now and my favourite track from it changes every time I listen to it, it's that good - right now, it's Counting!) and now, waiting for With Love... I'm ready to hear its awesomeness.

1st August:
Okay, so I've just woken up and got straight onto YouTube to see Christina's live chat and well... FANGIRL TIME. It's so exciting to see Christina so excited about her original songs and I sat in awe watching the live chat. From the snippets, I think The One I Crave and the bonus track [My Anthem] are my favourites but then I think of Tell My Mama and With Love and, well, every other track on the album and I don't know. I'm so psyched and ready for With Love to be on my iPod!

6th August:
The day has come.
Sings a tune from the roof top (metaphorically).
So, I'm sat waiting....
It's downloaded!
To be continued...

I've been listening to With Love all day.

Wowsers. It's perfect. The sound is so different from her first album and I am absolutely in love with it. At the moment my favourites are The One I Crave and Think Of You. I cannot get the fun tune of The One I Crave out of my head and Think Of You makes me so solemn! It's an album full of upbeat and slow songs and that's awesome because I can go from being on the verge of tears (With Love) to tapping my foot and smiling (Feelin' Good) to singing along sassily (Absolutely Final Goodbye & Get Yourself Together).

I'm so proud of Christina with this album. It's an amazing album and it was, without a doubt worth that wait, as I knew it would be. I'm excited to see footage of Christina performing her songs on tour. Forever in Team Grimmie.

Zelda & Link

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. Here's my post about Christina.

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