Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 7: 10 Special McMoments

For the end of McFly Week on my blog I decided to write one fabulous thing that happened for each year that McFly have existed (even though I could name a billion).

2003 My favourite band were born officially. Now that's a pretty special moment if you ask me. Tom, Danny, Harry and Dougie were officially together as one. It's their best decision yet.

2004 5 Colours in Her Hair was released in 2004. The world met McFly with their iconic song. The release of 5 Colours in Her Hair was what created my schedule for each night. I spent my evenings  (before they released more music and I had more than one song to jam to) dancing along to the girl with five colours in her hair, pretending it was me.

2005 The year McFly got their BRIT. My favourite band don't need awards to justify and represent how talented they are. If they did they'd win every award possible but this BRIT was perfect. I remember watching them win it and I was so hyper and excited (yes, I was nine, but that's not related to it) and I was genuinely grinning with pride, telling my parents how amazing they are when they accepted the award.

2006 Just My Luck has to be mentioned. I literally laugh my way through that film every time I watch it and I absolutely love it. It's young McFly documented with their... fabulous acting skills. No more needs to be mentioned. Aw. Aw. AW.

2007 The Heart Never Lies. To McFly fans, this is one of the most iconic songs. It's beautiful, heart-warming and SO GOOD, but it also has the special line when performed live: "Another year over and we're still together, it's not always easy, but McFly's here forever." It's unbelievable what I feel when I see this performed live. The unity that's felt between all Galaxy Defenders is overwhelmingly amazing.

2008 In July the free version of Radio:ACTIVE was released. I don't have a favourite McFly album because to me, it would genuinely be impossible to choose. (I'm not judging people who do, obviously oh em gee.) For me, this was a special moment because I spent my summer holidays, my exciting six weeks off with new McFly music. It was the best.

2009 Obviously, this isn't a big deal for McFly (well, it might be, they do love their fans) but I had a sleepover. Where are you going with this, you ask. Well, I played every McFly album and my friends (they were never in a category of 'not McFly fans', they just didn't listen to them) decided they liked McFly. They're not what are called Galaxy Defenders but they chill with me and listen to them and that's so important to me. Wow, that's lame, but it means everything that my friends appreciate them and their music.

2010 The year of my first McFly concert. It was special. Like, truly amazing. Each time I see them is my favourite, and that time was my favourite because it was my first time seeing them. It was just not comprehendible, seeing that these people were yes, actually real.

2011 This was when McFly's amazingness was proven. Dougie and Harry won Strictly Come Dancing, their support for each other as blinding as the sun. It was a year when Dougie went into rehab and so seeing Dougie in the jungle filled every Galaxy Defender with pride and seeing Harry do justice to his competitive side was amazing too. It was an incredible time.

2012 For McFly, a big moment for them in their career and life was... meeting me. It was the best day of my life. I can never explain how truly amazing that day was so I won't try. Thanks McFly for letting me enjoy you in real life rather than through a laptop or TV screen.

2013 My favourite band reached 10 years of being together. I can't explain how amazing that is. They've been around for 10 years and there are still loyal, excited fans eager for their next album and the music and achievements after that. Kudos McFly, kudos.

Pudd & Flones,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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