Monday, 19 August 2013

I Heart Lewis Mokler

I want to make an "I heart Lewis Mokler" T-shirt and wear I for the rest of forever.

Imagine warm honey, soft caramel and a hot chocolate and then multiply that by infinity and add sprinkles and grated white chocolate. Picture a slightly humid day but then vision yourself taking that first lick of an ice-cream and feel the comfort in that. Now, it's the coldest day and you're finally under a blanket, marshmallows and melted chocolate at the ready. Flash to this: you're lonely and it's raining but then your best friend cheers you up with a good movie and sweets. That's the only way I can describe Lewis Mokler's voice: warm, soothing, sweet, but also with something underneath it all that you can't quite name, something that's a beautiful mystery.

Lewis Mokler has a YouTube channel with some of his music on and you should check that out here. This is how I found out about him and it's one of my favourite moves I've ever made. As soon as I found it I went straight to iTunes to make sure I could listen to his voice at any moment during the day. I couldn't have a favourite song but Sucking Lemons, Simple, Nutella and Eve are my most played.

Watching Lewis perform live is magical. I'm literally wonderstruck and it's a dream of mine to see him live. It's how effortless his talent is, how happy he is performing and how his voice is flawless that makes me excited to join him one day while I stare, mesmerised. Equally, when he performs his track acoustically I'm transported to the best place anyone could dream of.

I really appreciate his music. He's a songwriter so when he's performing his songs his understanding of it is clear because he wrote it and the joy that brings me is oh so high. His lyrics are meaningful and where, sometimes that feels rare, it makes his music all the more pleasing and I always find his songs are stuck in my head and heart. I really love his talent.

I have spent many hours of the sunny days this summer in my garden listening to nothing but his tunes as well as cold days with my speakers and his music. If you look up the definition of perfection, "Lewis Mokler" should be the description. I can't wait to one day see him live because I can't wait to soak up his talent.

Umbrellas & Nutella,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. He makes my heart flutter. He (metaphorically) keeps me warm in the winter cold. I loves him.

Check out the lyrics to my song Permanent Rough Patch HERE.

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