Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 5: Harry Judd

Harry Judd. The one with the muscles. The one who is occasionally mistaken as a swan with his gracefulness on the dance floor. Mr. Harry Judd everyone.

One of my favourite things about Harry is how will always protect his band (such a mothering kind). Reading about how Harry looked after Dougie when he first joined the band always brings a tear to my eye. He's so super good about sticking up for McFly and that makes me very happy indeed. Good Harry.

When Harry was on Strictly Come Dancing I was so unbelievably proud. Every year I'm excited for Strictly. To me it makes the end of the year all the more special. One time I remember thinking imagine if, one year, a member of McFly was on it. 2011, thank you very much. I'd wait a while in advance, food at the ready on BBC 1 each Saturday, hushing my household when it was Harry's turn. Oh, and when Harry won. Despite knowing he would win, it was ridiculous how nervous I was and how much I needed him to win.

"...Hoping I have a view of a TV though.....#Ashes"

Harry is a big fanboy when it comes to sport. Cricket, football, golf, Harry's there, watching it. He also loves a bit of tennis which makes me fangirl because I love me some tennis we're so meant to be). He also plays a few too many sports for my fangirl heart to take and the thought of him at the gym just makes me... I can't go on. Whoa, and, hey, I would not want to play the guy at table tennis.

Harry is so supportive of Izzy's appeal Eyes Alight, shown with his incredible training for the London Marathon, even through touring with McFly. He promotes the amazing appeal all of the time and it's so inspirational to see the hard work he puts in.

Cricket & Tennis,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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