Monday, 26 August 2013

A Cynical Romantic Sees Love #3

As I've spoken before about being both cynical and completely in love with "love", I'm going to talk about another experience where my pessimistic eyes have been opened.

Love comes in different packages: the love you feel for a friend; the love for a family member; actually being in love and so on. I watched two versions of love wrapped up in one lovely moment that I had to force my eyes to be drawn away from. Recalling the moment even makes me smile.

On holiday I saw love in the form of a family and the love the two parents of the family felt for each other. In the pool was the dad, holding his baby boy with his older boy beside him. There were nothing but smiles. The mum was outside of the pool taking a picture, capturing this perfect moment: all of her lads having fun on holiday. The dad was grinning wildly, the mum proudly, their happiness and pride both showing their incredible love for each other and their own picturesque family.

The eldest son was showing off his water tricks and his dad praised him, saying that he would soon be able to teach his little brother. I couldn't help wonder how much he wanted his boys to stay that age or whether he was excited to see them blossom. I'd expect a bit of both, but he was definitely enjoying this perfect moment.

After they came out of the pool the eldest kid asked for an extra treat with a cheeky smile and they of course, said yes because the boy seemed a gem and they clearly loved him (as you would) with all of their hearts. The baby boy giggled along and the family packed up their stuff, sure to be enjoying more lovely moments that evening.

The love between couple was perfect. They would smile at each other, their sons lighting their eyes with pride but their love that existed before their children shone like crazy too. They had their own little moment within the moment, the smiles they shared between their children talking, the smiles in their eyes.

There are two special things about this moment:
1) Although I can only assume, this one short moment was probably one among many moments that they have experienced before and just a slight happening in the mist of happiness they are to experience and yet, it caught my eyes and heart.
2) The love the parents had (and have, I hope!) for each other lead to this second form of love and that's just too precious.

It's crazy how much this one experience made me incredibly happy.

Splashes & Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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