Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Destination: Happiness

Sometimes it's really easy to forget that happiness is achievable without going on a long journey to find a destination signposted "Happiness". Sometimes sadness easily takes over and for me, when I'm sad but all I want is to smile and so I take action and have a few things that do the trick.

I'm not a very confrontational person and so if someone has upset me, instead of confronting the issue, (which may sometimes be a healthier option) I find myself getting a headache from making myself think through what has happened in my head, what I wish I said and wondering why they felt the need to do or say something that made me unhappy. To confront the issue I sit in my room and I write a letter or something to make sure I'm not bottling anything up.

If I'm feeling a bit down or a bit stressed, I'm a big believer in music helping and so I'll sit in my room, on my bed and just enjoy my favourite artists or listen to a new album and it's one of my favourite things as it ends in me feeling both chilled, inspired by the music and really super happy! (McFly are obviously a big help here.)

My friends are a big part of helping me return back to happiness without them really even knowing it. Sometimes all I need is to spend a few hours with my bestest chums, laughing about things that wouldn't be funny to a lot of people, eating absolute rubbish and watching cheesy films. Sometimes we'll end up reminiscing about everything, one of our stories linking onto another and so on, meaning our evening is a night of memories. It's one of my favourite things because my sadness melts away into a sweet puddle of happiness.

Happiness can be your destination right now.

Sitting with an old book that I've read before however many times is somewhat relaxing for me. I get lost in a world that's familiar and hasn't changed and so I'll feel comfort in this, feel happiness. I'll make myself a hot chocolate or a cup of tea, find something to munch on and lose myself in a world I know very well, an alternative world, just for a while.

Another way to relieve my sadness can be to walk (although sometimes I don't think it's the best idea). It allows me to think about the future and all the exciting things that I don't even know lie in it. Alternatively, I'll sit on my bed in silence and daydream. I'll daydream about anything that I want to because I like a good daydream.

Playing piano is one of my favourite things, happy or sad, inspired or very uninspired and so when I've lost a smile on my face, all I sometimes need is to sit and play someone else's melody to remind me of my own (I really felt this cheesy line for a second... Now I'm regretting it). I'll end up playing for hours but it's definitely worth it.

Sometimes when I'm sad, I just need to be sad. I don't want someone to tell me to "cheer up" and that's not necessarily what I need. However happiness is something that I like to have in my life: a positive attitude and a smile on my face makes me feel better. Happiness isn't a destination a journey away if you don't want it to be and when I am a unhappy and I believe I've lost my way, had a happiness pit stop, I'll get myself back on track, straight back to my "destination" to happiness.

Find your way back to happiness.

Dusty Books & Hot Chocolate,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. i love listening to music when i am down too...

  2. but i fell good feeling blue...


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