Sunday, 7 July 2013


I am writing this post as the final of Wimbledon 2013 is being played. Excited, nervous and proud are all things I'm feeling right now and it should be noted that this would only be published if Murray has won (which I always knew he would) and so, if you're reading this: HURRAY MURRAY.

After some strawberries, it's safe to say my stomach hurts as I cheer for Murray winning the first point of the match and, as he won the two points after that, I regretted those strawberries. An incredibly tense first game has definitely eased us rapidly into this match that is inevitably going to be thrilling.

Murray's serving well, proving himself equal (and maybe as a bias fan, despite truly believing it: better) to Djokovic and seems to be coping well in the heat - which I highly sympathise with as last night I had my own battle with the tough conditions in a sport I must say I am quite the pro: the art of sleeping. Some of these shots that Murray's winning are incredibly beautiful, being planted in a perfect place for the perfect shot. Good stuff. Henman named the hitting "breath-taking" and for both players, it is more than true. As Murray breaks Djokovic and my heart smiles all the more, I raise my imaginary glass of pop to Murray the Great.

Despite Djokovic's hat and the audience fanning themselves, Murray seems to still be less phased by the whole of England's summer being in one day as he wins the sixth game with ease. It must be noted that as he does so me and my mum admire his toned chest. And back to the tennis. A fresh break up Murray's sleeve, the Wimbledon crowd clearly pumping as well as my household, Murray made us all the more proud and causing me to clap him and stand with joy. Feeling sophisticated and oh-so-British, I smiled knowingly and uttered my excited words: "I do love a spiffing match". As Muray becomes slightly sweatier, I and my mother note: we like a sweaty sportsman.

The set won, the excitement at its highest after I tripped over my own foot as I stood, - it was all very eventful - an epic second set is calling, and an epic second set we are getting. Well into the set now, both players are still playing stunningly and I can't help but wish with all of my heart that I was there. Seven games in, Murray with a hat, his absolute flawlessness is obvious.

As the second set is drawing to a close, 6-5 to Murray, all I can think it ASDFGHJKL.



This is some seriously amazing tennis from (both players but seriously-) Andy Murray. Truly magical. The rallies have me happily on the edge of my sofa, genuinely enjoying the talent, despite my need for Murray to win. My throats getting a bit dry now... Time for some deuce.

5-4 to Murray, I have genuine tears. Here we go. Serving for the match, causing my family and I to go absolutely crazily happy, HERE WE GO...

ANDY DID IT. *Back from crying and smiling and being unbelievably proud* and (still all of the latter but) it was FABulous. HE WON. HE WON. I feel like I'm sharing this moment with him and I'm so incredibly happy for him and for myself! I've grown up being a huge fan of Murray and I can't imagine how perfect it must feel for him to win the tournament that will always be one very close to his and our hearts. I can't use this keyboard in front of me to explain my sheer happiness, but this is one of the best moments of my life. So happy.

You can't fault that match. He returned so many shots that you wouldn't have thought possible and that last game - that last game - was absolutely nerve-wracking but we all knew the result. Breath-taking really is the only word I can think of that nearly justifies Murray's performance. It was so much more. As the days of adjusting to no more Wimbledon for another year stretch out a head of me, I smile. Wimbledon 2014, you're going to have a hard job topping that.

Smashing Murray, smashing.

Strawberries & Cream,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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