Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Little Bit of Tranquillity

You know when you're told to picture yourself somewhere calm and silent, somewhere that gives you tranquillity. Well, I went to that place.

Lying down on the pebbles at a quiet slice of beach with not much other than beauty around me and blue skies with the prettiest clouds above, the solitude was undeniably perfect. There was water beside me and dog walkers nearby and it made my mind nothing but peaceful. The few people around me were there to enjoy the loveliness of it all as well and everything's so much clearer and less complicated when surrounded by a place so precious. Now, I realise I sound like I'm living on a cloud where everything in my eyes is fluffy and smiley and people get handed free candyfloss but the importance of just enjoying silence and finding your quiet place where there's the slight soundtrack of the waves, a little wind but a stillness about it all (or for you it might be lying down on your sofa in your living room), for me is one of my favourite things. It was a walk away from everything that sometimes gets scary in my life and the surroundings on the way there were just too perfect. On days like this I think I should just become the woman version of Bear Grylls (except without his dashing muscly muscles). I walked just a few moments away and I was surrounded in green, the sound of sea still close. Sometimes England is undervalued and in this moment, I saw why I love it. I love England. The beautiful weather that came with my little bit of tranquillity just highlighted what some might look pass when grey clouds cover up the discreet perfections. (This could totally turn into an inspirational blogpost, but I'll leave it as a one dimensional post - I'll let your mind wander into the possible double meanings, though.) Everyone needs wind-down-time, right? Some people go to bed early, some people read a book, some people listen to their favourite band (all of which, I do) but, today, this was my wind-down-time and wind-down-time I did have! Forgetting about worries that are niggling at you a bit too much is vital for me and I'm glad my worries disappeared with the slight wind for a moment or two.

Seashells & Driftwood,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

(The little snapshots of the photos sadly didn't do the picture justice as it left a lot out, so I had to filter them ever so slightly, but all the same: the view was the definition of perfection.)


  1. after reading ur words about england i wanna come there too( which i've been dreaming all along!)

  2. Stunning! nice pics!!
    Thanks for sharing!!do u want to Follow each other!?


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