Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July's Delights

As it's the end of July, here are a bunch of things that are my favourites of this month.

As McFly are working hard for Album 6, Tom put up a video up of him singing She Falls Asleep with him also plaing the piano. What a wonderful way to start a month. Wonderfulwonderfulwonderful. She Falls Asleep makes me cry whenever I'm listening to it and so when I just watched Tom and heard all of the emotion, all I could feel was my eyes fill with tears of Tom's talent.

Speaking of McFly, one of my favourite things is that one of my four favourite lads, Danny Jones has got engaged to the lovely Georgia Horsley. I'm super excited, despite obvious sadness to lose my Mr. Jones but Danny and Georgia are so fab and I can't wait to watch them tweet about preparations for the wedding and ultimately the beautiful pictures that will come from it! Congratulations!

As soon as Safe Haven came out on DVD, I was there, ready for my dosage of Josh Duhamel. I've spoken before abut how I love Safe Haven and even after watching the amazingawesomeperfect movie about a trillion times since I bought it, it's still as breathlessly mesmerizing. It's just everything about that film: the music, the setting, the characters...

I am a huge fan of The Hunger Games and so I have, naturally been geeking out over the Catching Fire trailer. From watching the trailer I'm so excited to see everyone backing Katniss, supporting her and creating hope, Katniss and Peeta's relationship get a little more confusing and well as Katniss and Gale's, the evil President Snow, the next hunger games. More than anything, I can't wait to see how much it matches up to how I visioned it my head when reading Catching Fire, because The Hunger Games was perfect in this way. Oh, and I'm excited for Finnick!

From the start, when I had Demi Lovato's latest album (you can read my review of it here), Made In The USA was one of my favourites and so I was super excited to see it was to be her next single and hey, as I knew it wouldn't, the video didn't disappoint. I'd been watching the teaser videos and from what I could make out, I loved the idea. It's so sweet and captivating and I just love that Demi made a video with a story that held my attention and my heart. It's literally the cutest thing and, well, Dustin Milligan is in it so... swoon.

Nope, you can't get too far recently without mentioning the Royal Baby and this post is not an exception. One of my f-a-v-o-u-r-i-t-e things this month is the arrival of George Alexander Louis. I just love everything monarch-related and I feel my heart smile every time I see pictures of Kate, William and baby George on their first appearance in public. It's too sweet for my eyes to handle.

Toodlepip July! Your stay has been appreciated.

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